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Discovering Vienna !

We spend 4 nights in Vienna and fell in love with the style, architecture and hidden places!  We met some interesting guides and local people that shared hidden insights.  Sadly Serge from Discovering Destinations sprained his ankle which made him bed ridden one entire day.  Despite the misfortunate event, we enjoyed our stay and maximized our Discovering Vienna !  Check out some interesting sights below !


* St Stephen's Cathedral for the architecture enthusiasts.
* Karlskirche is a great discovery inside and out.


* The Belvedere Palace for the gardens and inside if time permits
* The famous and classic Schönbrunn Palace !

Other cool places !

* Start with a FreeWalking tour - Good Vienna Tours.
* Nice any day of the week is the Naschmarkt (street market)
* If you like cool and different, check out - Hundertwasserhaus !
* Try going through Heldenplatz when visiting the MuseumQuartier.

Also, keep an eye on our growing picture library ?
* Discovering Vienna - Flickr

Discovering FreeWalking Tour Vienna
Our group photo of the FreeWalking tour
Discovering Heldenplatz
Heldenplatz perspective
Discovering Hundertwasser
Cool and colorful play with the apartment building
Discovering Rathaus
Vienna’s city hall
Discovering Karlskirche
A different perspective of Karlskirche façade
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