Discovering London, one last look

Discovering London, one last look The fun part from our journey was returning to London and having a couple of days to discover more.  This gave us the opportunity to see more of the city and make sure we didn't head home regretting.  Lia brought a tourism book along on this trip and it was quite good […]

Discovering Zagreb – Europe Part 7

Ok let’s be honest … How many people do you know have been to Croatia while visiting Europe? LIA : I will tell you the truth, I never thought to visit Croatia if it wasn’t for my friend Luciane.  She is my Brazilian friend, who acted like a bridge for us to visit Zagreb. During the summer […]

Discovering Europe : The way back

The way back and rushing to make our train in Slovenia. During this trip, Lia and I discovered that we easily get carried away on vacation.  We want to maximize our experience and time.  For example, just before leaving Lyon, I was inquiring about a different route back to Slovenia.  'What if we head towards Germany or […]

Discovering Lyon – Part 5 : French surroundings

Discovering Lyon - Part 5 : arriving in Lyon and how we still wanted more to see.  We wanted to see everything and take it all in. When I (Serge) received the invitation from Lia to visit Europe, I took some time to think about it.  Actually Lia thought I didn't want to travel with her, because […]

Discovering many parts of Europe

Part 4 ; many pit stops along the way. Well if you looked attentively at the last picture in the last post, you will see my main distraction.  I was like a kid in a candy store and when I saw Venice on the map, my brain stopped functioning correctly.  My only thought was, 'how do […]

Discovering Europe – part 3 : Driving West

Part 3 : travelling to Ljubljana, Slovania (pronounced Lubeyana), renting a car driving across Europe If you can imagine all the car rental companies being sold out in Zagreb, well that's exactly what happened.  We ended up in random places, one in particular looked like someone's backyard renting out cars.  I was open for the […]

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