Month: February 2017

Discovering Maragogi - snorkel

Discovering Maragogi, the perfect continuation

Discovering Maragogi online. Initially, Maragogi went by the name of Gamela.  Only in 1887 was it considered a city and called Isabel.  It was in homage to princess Isabel that liberated the slaves.  Later in 1982, the city was finally called Maragogi for the river that banks the shore.  Maragogi also has a history of battles and wars, where Holland tried to invade. Leaving Carneiros beach. After a blessed day at the Carneiros beach we stopped for lunch in Tamandaré with our 3 new friends.  Afterwards, Discovering Destinations were headed towards Maragogi, the littoral north of Alagoas. We agreed to give our new friend Carlindo a lift to his new home since his colleagues were heading in the opposite direction.  After all,

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