Month: March 2017

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Discovering how to get started

‘Discovering how to get started’ is for all the curious cats out there. Our goal is to reach out to those who want to travel and invite them to JUMP. If until now, you’ve just dreamed about travel, we would like to help you.  If you are the least bit curious about discovering new destinations, new cities and cultures then this is for you.  First things first, get your passport (if you don’t already), pick a destination and start researching.  Lookout for tips along the way. 1. GET your passport !  It can feel like a catch 22 at times.  ”Should I get my passport or just wait until I find a destination to visit ?”  We can tell you from experience, you’ll keep going around in circles

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Discovering FREE beaches - Boraceia

FREE beaches for miles

Love discovering new sandy shores ? What if we told you, that you could spend weeks discovering FREE beaches? Yes, that’s right, we’re about to tell you where you can discover at least one new beach every day, for weeks.  Interested ?  It’s only logical to find it in Brazil.  The country is in the southern hemisphere and most importantly has one of the longest coastal lines in all the world. If you love the beach, we are sure that you would enjoy the list of almost endless beaches along the ‘Serra do Mar’. Today we write about the beaches from Rio Santos all the way to São Sebastião and Ubatuba.  And in case you would still want to discover

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Discovering Rio Silveiras waterfall

Rio Silveiras, discovering the indigenous reserve

How we came to Discovering Rio Silveiras on an Indian Reserve After our trip to the north of Brazil, we planned to spend the Christmas break in Boraceai.  Our brother in law Facondo has a condo approximately 5 kilometers from the beach.  One day between Christmas and New year’s he came up with one of his unusual adventure ideas.  He asked us if we wanted to visit an Indian reserve.  We had many questions for him but he didn’t have any answers.  He knew the reserve existed but had never been.  That’s when our imagination started wandering.  I think we all made-up a fictitious chief like character in our minds, evaluating our application to enter the grounds.  Then we thought, what if they

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