Discovering Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, Berlin

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, Berlin

Where : Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, Berlin Discovering Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church was our first discovery in Berlin.  Our hotel was located near the Kurfürstendamm in the centre of the Breitscheidplatz, where this memorial is located. Free attraction and learning experience The Memorial is a famous landmark of western Berlin and it’s free […]

Discovering Golden Lane, Prague

Discovering Golden Lane, Prague

Where : Golden Lane and the Torture Chamber Discovering Golden Lane, Prague You cannot visit the Prague Castle complex without visiting the “Golden Lane”, we won't let you !  That means you need to choose circuit 'A' or 'B' - more info on circuits here. For starters, Golden Lane is is a really cute street from […]

Discovering St George Basilica, Prague

Discovering St George's Basilica

Where : St George Basilica Discovering St George Basilica, Prague The Prague Castle circuit we selected gave us access to St George Basilica.  First of all, it's a 10th-century basilica.  According to history, it was rebuilt in 1142 because of a major fire.  The structure displays a baroque facade & Bohemian art. Furthermore, it's a small […]

Discovering St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague

Discovering St. Vitus Cathedral

Where : St. Vitus Cathedral Discovering St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague St. Vitus Cathedral (or Katedrála Sv. Víta) is definitely one of the top most beautiful Gothic churches we saw in Europe.  It's located in Hradčany, which is the hillside complex where you'll find the likes of the Prague Castle and Golden Lane just to name a […]

Discovering the Beer Museum, Prague

Discovering the Beer Museum

Where : Prague Beer Museum Discovering the Beer Museum, Prague Beer makes everyone happy! We met a couple of cool Brazilian guys living in Prague while visiting the Pilsner Urquell factory.  We love interacting with other travellers during trips because we can share such valuable information!  They told us to visit the Beer Museum when we […]

Discovering Vyšehrad, Prague

Discovering Vyšehrad

Where : Vyšehrad Fortress, Prague Discovering Vyšehrad Fortress One of the nicest discoveries from Prague was Vyšehrad. It wasn't until we arrived in the city, that we heard about this fortress.  A friend of ours lives in Prague and she told us to visit this historic village. What is there to see ? There's tons to […]

Discovering Dancing House, Prague

Discovering Dancing House

Where : Dancing House, Prague Discovering Dancing House - Tančící dům The Dancing house is a totally different building than we are used to.  It's located on Rašín Embankment in Prague, so it's not quite in the Old Town from Prague.  It's a 15-20 minute walk along the water from Charles Bridge. According to Wikipedia, the Dancing […]

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