Strasbourg, Discover La Petite France and the Big Island

Strasbourg La petite France

Strasbourg, the small city that packs a punch ! ''Why visit Strasbourg and what's there to see & do''​ Starter Start discovering Strasbourg with the Batorama boat tour on the Faux-Rempart canal. Sites Check our blog for a review of 8 'must sees' in Strasbourg. 2-3 days Minimum recommended stay in Strasbourg ! This Strasbourg […]

Interlaken, the Swiss city at the base of the Alps

Interlaken Harder Kulm

Interlaken, Swiss city between lakes and mountains ! ''Why visit Interlaken and what's there to see & do''​ Thrill Interlaken is a great destination for a paraglider experience, mainly because of the surrounding mountains and lakes. Calm Interlaken is a charm in itself, plus there's Harder Kulm, St Beatus Cave and Jungfrau too. 2-3 days […]

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