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Just weeks after meeting each other, Lia asked me if I wanted to go travelling to Europe.  She planned to visit a friend and invited me to come along.  Being my procrastinating self, I took forever to think, analyze and finally decide to travel my first international trip.
Its pretty amazing how fast you can get your documents in order, like a first passport.  For those who have never travelled internationally before, when you don't have it you don't know what you are missing.  Like a catch 22.  You never order it because you haven't planned a trip.  Then you wonder if you should plan your trip first and get your passport after.  It seems so hard to get, but once you finally hold it in your hands and conquer that first trip and jitters, it feels limitless !
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Travel to relax, to learn or to teach...

We believe these are the fundamental reasons people travel

Prior to our travel experiences we encounter people, that travel for work who get closer to business partners and conclude transactions, that travel for leisure and seem to have their favourite vacationing spot, but it's very rare to meet people who are curious about new cultures, new sceneries and new experiences.
Have you ever heard that it's bad luck to travel with an umbrella ?  You may think you are planning ahead but you are most likely psyching yourself and thinking too much - do yourself a favour and leave the umbrella at home and live the experience as it comes.
Get ready to live care free like a star in the sky.  Go with the flow and take in the experience.  We are not suggesting that you leave everything behind.  But from our perspective, the best trips you will ever have are those spontaneous ones.  They are great because your expectations are low and everything seems to work out perfectly ! 

our mission statement

Do it, just Jump !  Travel and then do it again and again.  Get curious, get lost in a new city and learn to find your way back.  Live the full experience and learn a new culture or a new language.  The locals will love you for trying.  Have fun always and find new interesting places to visit !  

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