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By Serge Larose & Elisandra Buges


Delicious Natas in Lisbon’s Manteigaria is the perfect way to kick off your trip.

Prior to visiting Portugal, we knew to expect great food and an abundance of castles.  However, what’s even better is being blown away once you finally get to experience it. 

Also, eating Natas is so cliché because Portugal makes so many other great desserts ! Well heck, when in Rome do like the Romans – right !?

Delicious Natas in Lisbon
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“The Natas were created before the 18th century and started being sold after the liberal Revolution of 1820. It was none other than Catholic Monks who started selling the Pastel de Natas or Portuguese egg tarts in English.”

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Getting there

Manteigaria is a bakery chain, which is why you’ll find a few of them in Lisbon.  

Once in the Lisbon city centre, it’s quite easy to get around on foot.  Alternatively, if you’re planning to spend 2-3 days in Lisbon, we highly recommend that you buy the transit pass. Check out our blog on getting around Lisbon!

Here are a couple of Manteigaria’s locations for you to try the Delicious Natas in Lisbon:

  • Rua do Loreto, Lisbon
  • Avenida 24 de Julho, Lisbon
  • Rua Augusta 195-197, Lisbon
  • R. de Alexandre Braga 24, Porto
Delicious Natas in Lisbon
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Once you're in Lisbon

As we mentioned earlier, Portugal is well known for their delicious food.  Once you arrive in Lisbon, you will get that feeling of a kid in a giant candy store. 

Natas were on our mind all the time and we even started trying them from different pastry shops.  
Check our blog on top places to try Natas!

Other Portuguese delights to look out for in restaurants:

  • bacalhau assado ou com natas
    (baked or creamy cod fish)
  • bifana
    pork sandwich
  • sardines or any type of fish dish 

Other local places to visit

You may want to consider adding some of these restaurants in Lisbon city to your list of discoveries.

  • Frades dos Mares (a little fancy treat)
  • Cruzes Credo restaurant (conveniently located)
  • Mimosa do Camões (very affordable lunch dishes)
  • Café Madragoa (chill ambiance, great light dinner and wine)

What to eat ?

Delicious Natas in Lisbon
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Fortunately, there are few things on the menu, yet the main attraction are the Natas. Once you try these delights, you’ll want to bring more with you. Luckily they have convenient cardboard packages for take away 🙂

Delicious Natas in Lisbon
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Was it worth the visit

Absolutely !

Manteigaria was one of our first stops in Lisbon. It was on our list of places to visit and we conveniently found it shortly after eating lunch. 

We loved the taste, the crunchy & flaky crust, creamy custard and the cute pastry shop.

Delicious Natas in Lisbon
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Our recommendations

We highly recommend that you try the Delicious Natas in Lisbon when visiting Portugal. Whether it’s from Manteigaria or another bakery doesn’t really make a difference.  You can even challenge yourselves to try various one and see which one you prefer.

Usually people like to rate natas from taste, crunch, crust texture, custard taste and texture, sweetness and other subtle tastes.

Also try the Pastel de Belém

It looks very similar however has a different name.  You’ll find the Belém factory in the Belém neighbourhood.  It has a different taste to it and we’re actually curious which one you prefer.  Hit us up on FaceBook or Instagram to let us know !


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