Europe with Eurail

We Discovered Europe with Eurail!

A few years ago, we used the Eurail 2 months Global Continuous pass and discovered Europe. It helped us discover 12 countries and over 20 new cities !  Looking back, we have no regrets.

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If you're not sure yet, READ ON

If you're not sure about buying the Eurail pass just yet, we can't blame you. Read on and be sure to watch our video below as we share our in-depth (Pros and Cons) analysis and what made us decide to purchase it.

We exhausted a lot of alternatives, whether it was best to rent cars, fly or buy individual tickets. In the end, we chose the Eurail pass and we have 0 regrets.

Check out our first video to get a better understanding!

First here's our extensive research on the Eurail pass

Can you believe...

As you can see from this video, we did a lot of research and evaluation before making a decision. Actually, we ended up buying the Eurail pass a few weeks before traveling to Europe - can you believe that !? Amongst many concerns, the main one was ''is the pass really worth it ?''. We heard cases where it was necessary to 'make reservations' with 'additional fees'.

Great tip

What made it all possible for us, was the fact that Eurail mailed our passes directly to Europe. So we were able to pick them up at our first Destination. Otherwise we never would have received them on time.

Here is the Official Eurail link, in case you want to build trip simulations as we did during the video.

Our second video

It would have made our decision-making much easier if we had access to a video like the one below. Because one of our main concerns to purchase the pass we Extra Fees. We didn't fully understand how much each train ticket would cost us. We discovered the Rail Planner app during our trip and well, have a look at the video to know more...

Using the Rail Planner App for trips

The Rail Planner App helped us skip the lines and avoid overpaying for ticket reservations. Have a look at it for yourself!

Highly recommended !

We highly recommend the Eurail pass for your next European discovery.  Feel free to ask us for advice on whether the Eurail pass if good for you.  And if you're already decided, click on the image below to simulate your next trip !

If you're still not convinced and would like to ask us specific questions, please feel free to do so.

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