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Discovering Andechs Monastery, Munich

Where : Andechs Monastery, Munich

We found our best adventures happen when we get a referral and when we keep an open mind.  Luckily a friend of ours referred Andechs Monastery to us, otherwise we never would have visited.  The Benedictine monastery is located little more than one hour way from Munich.  So we took a small day trip from Munich taking the S Bahn plus a local bus.

The monastery is in the centre of a small village (here), including a Gothic church (here), brewery and gift shop.  The beautiful Gothic church is from the 1400’s and has attracted pilgrims and tourists from around the world.  Andechs Monastery is also a well-known cultural centre and for it’s seven varieties of Andechs Monastery beer and gastronomy.

We visited the village and stayed for lunch in the Klostergasthof restaurant.  Curious about German culture, we were ready for the typical German gastronomy and the local beer. It was fun and well priced for a big meal.  It was crowded since we visited on a Sunday afternoon, yet we managed to share a table with a nice couple from Italy (cheers).  We discovered that we could communicate in French.  And so, a new connection was made !

The small village is really beautiful and fun to visit.  Make sure to visit the church, the small gift shop for a small souvenir (also to encourage the Monastery), the restaurant for a meal or a beer tasting (offered for groups after a brewery tour).

Serge: 5  Eli:  4+

Recommend: Yes, really nice village, a trip to the past with good beer and typical German food.

For Andechs Monastery and Munich pictures via Flickr, click here.

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