Discovering Auto Museum Volkswagen, Wolfsburg

Discovering Foundation Auto Museum Volkswagen, Wolfsburg

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Where Auto Museum Volkswagen

Discovering Auto Museum Volkswagen

How to get there

The Volkswagen Auto Museum is located in Wolfsburg. Since we had the Eurail pass, we took the train, which was a 90 minute ride.  Then, from the Wolfsburg train station it's a breezy 20 minute walk.  It's not the most scenic walk, but it was nice to get some exercise.

Discovering Auto Museum Volkswagen, Wolfsburg
How to get there
How's the museum ?

The museum doesn’t have a really high tech or modern structure, it looks like a basic factory with a bunch of cars inside. There's a hallway with explanation of all major events in addition to demonstrating the VW history.  As for cars inside, you'll find many of the old Beetles from 60’s, 70’s, 80’s.  Kudos to the various styles, like the Beetle Boat, Wicker Beetle, the stamp collector Beetle.  You might also run into the famous model, like the one used in the movie “The Love Bug” from Disney.

Do we recommend ?

Yes, it was kind of emotional to visit it, because it brought back lots of good memories. The entrance fees was only $6.00 euros.  Other stuff to do in Wolfsburg once you're done at the museum is the Autostadt !  We heard that you could schedule a test drive of the electric car - for FREE!  But make sure to reserve your spot in advance, they were out of space when we visited.

For girls who might not want to spend time looking at cars.  There is an outlet mall near the train station if you want to do some shopping.  So leave the boys to their toys or join them, whichever !

Serge: 4+  Eli:  4+ / (out of 5)

Spending more around Berlin ?  Come back to see more attractions as we move across the city !

The historical Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

Historical landmarks

The Tiergarten has it all, nature and historical landmarks!
There's the Brandenburg Gate and Jewish Memorial right next to each other.
Checkpoint Charlie is quite small, but there's lots more to see in the area!
Topography of Terror is both an indoor and outdoor museum

Outside the city centre

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

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