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Brazil: Discovering ”bem te vi”, sounds of nature

Discovering ''bem te vi'' in Olinda. Our favorite wake up call.

Bem te vi also known as ''I see you'', is the Great Kiskadee.  In Brazil, we often see them perched on top of a tall telephone pole, house or tree.  Even more so, we will hear their call outs as demonstrated in the audio file below.

Discovering ''bem te vi'' audio file, press play!

Try and recall your best wake up experience.  When was it ? How long ago ?  Where were you ? What elements left you in that pleasant state ?  Was it a recollection of dreams or perhaps your first sight ?  As a consequence, how was the rest of your day ?  We think our days are shaped by our first moments of consciousness.  Discovering ''bem te vi'' in Olinda set the tone for an amazing day of new discoveries.

It was a combination of components that made this a great wake up experience for us.  The sunrise, shining through the shutter window, the birds chirping, bem te vi and of course the rooster.  The rooster sound was in the far background, so he didn't startle us too much.  But, all these elements together made the perfect symphony to wake up gradually.

Discovering ''bem te vi''
Press play on the sound bar.  Visualize yourself lying in a comfortable bed.  It's morning and you are on the brink of waking up.  As you gradually come to, you hear the sounds of nature.  You hear birds chirping and communicating with each other.

While listening to the audio excerpt, IMAGINE you are the bird in the foreground calling out for others.  A couple of seconds of silence pass and then you hear the faint sound of another bird replying.  He acknowledging your call.  Now, close your eyes and listen to the audio file again.  As you hear the bem te vi, try to figure out where the other birds are.  How far are they ?  What are they trying to say ?

Thank you for sharing the experience !

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    1. Wow, sounds like some quality recording then. Thanks for the feedback Elisandra !

  1. You have inspired me to be on the look out for our first bird songs announcing spring, lol. It has become so warm recently that they did start singing!

    1. hahaha, that’s great ! We heard about the abundance of snow this year, but the weather seems to be warmer than last year!

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