Interlaken Switzerland

Discovering Brauistübli, Interlaken

Where : Restaurant Brauistübli, Interlaken, Switzerland

After visiting Harder Kulm we went back to our hotel.  The reception suggested to have dinner at Restaurant Brauistübli, a local restaurant just a 3 minutes walk away.

The restaurant was really simple, resembled a kind of a Swiss cottage.  The decoration was fun, lots of wood everywhere, witch figurines and some Easter bunnies on the tables.  That was probably since Easter had just passed.  Overall, it was exactly what we wanted.  An authentic and local Swiss restaurant for a delicious cheese fondue outside from the tourist crowd.

The portion was delicious and just right for two people. We tried some Swiss wine, apparently one of the best European wines but made only for locals.  We also tried the local beer, in hindsight, very similar to German beer, one style in a white, blonde and dark format.

The bill added up to $52 CAD for two.  It was succulent and well deserved cheese fondue after a full day of travel and new adventures.

It was picture perfect, as it started to snow outside.  Prior to our arrival we were told it was much warmer and the snow was melting.  Now imagine, a chilly evening with a nice cheese fondue, Swiss beer and wine.  Finally, a great and friendly service, who was really helpful to understand us and help us out in English.

Our Ratings
Serge: 5  Eli:  5

Recommend: Yes, overall it was a great and friendly service with good ambience and delicious cheese fondue.

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