Brazil: Discovering the Ipiranga Museum

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Discovering Destinations’ first day in Brazil.

Discovering Destinations visited the park on December 10th 2016 with our friend and brother in law, Facondo.  He usually hangs out with @Galera do Drop during most weekends but made a little time to show us the surroundings.  Later we had a chance to watch the skaters in action and even try to skate ourselves.

We recommend visiting the Paulista University of Sao Paulo Museum.  It is also known as the Ipiranga museum since it’s located in the Ipiranga district.  Whether you are travelling to Sao Paulo for business or pleasure, this will give you a little taste about the history of Brazil.

Unfortunately, there is no way to visit the great works of art inside the museum.  It has Discovering Destinations -  Ipiranga museumbeen closed to the public since 2013.  They plan to reopen the doors in 2022 when the renovations are complete.

There is a way to discover a little history by making your way to the gardens, the passages, Casa do Grito and the mountainous steps rich in sculptures and monuments at the bottom of the hill.  The combination of all these elements create a sort of oasis in Sao Paulo.  So, if you are looking for a quick getaway within reach, this is the place.

There is some confusion that exists Discovering Destinations - monumentsamongst the monuments.  More precisely with the statue of Dom Pedro the 1st sitting on top of a white horse.  A Brazilian television show would later reveal that it might have been a donkey instead.  Alas, this is a great place for a run or brisk walk.  This is a starting point should you want to know more about the independence of Brazil.  Brazilians were colonized by Portugal which is why they speak Portuguese and not Spanish, contrary to some remaining beliefs.

Discovering Destinations - Ipiranga monuments

After discovering this new place, we went for lunch in one of many restaurants just steps away from the museum.  However, we heard they have food fairs on Sundays, where you could experience some typical Brazilian food.  The other alternative would be to bring your own lunch.  There is ample space to have a picnic with friends and family under the canopy like trees.

What an amazing first day in Brazil, it was great getting to know the whereabouts with friends and family.  Even though we were still jet lagged, we were very happy and fortunate to meet the famous Popo and his loyal dog Bruno.  Discovering Destinations - Popo's VW KombiYou will usually find them beside the super hip VW Kombi, in front of the gate near the monuments serving beers and coconut water to the skateboarders and people passing by.

We took many pictures, as shown in this blog.  Please feel free to visit our Flickr account to see more about the Independence park and other albums we’ve posted.

We hope you enjoyed reading, now the park is yours to discover !

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