Discovering Europe – part 3 : Driving West

Part 3 : travelling to Ljubljana, Slovania (pronounced Lubeyana), renting a car driving across Europe

discovering europe slovania_trainIf you can imagine all the car rental companies being sold out in Zagreb, well that’s exactly what happened.  We ended up in random places, one in particular looked like someone’s backyard renting out cars.  I was open for the adventure, but we kept searching.  We found out our only option was to take a train to the closest major city and rent a car from there.  This place is called Ljubljana in Slovania and it was quite a nice view.  We had glimpses of mountains and lakes but it was only 2 hours long.

I (Serge) recall seeing the map online and the car rental place seemed really close to the train station.  What looked like a 5-10 minutes walk ended up being a 30 minutes, with big heavy bags.  Keep in mind, this was our first trip together ever.  I know better now and would do it over like a pro but I think doing it this way helps us remember certain details.  One particular detail is us stopping in a bar, asking for a drink of orange juice if I remember correctly.  We also asked for directions, but it seemed hard to communicate because the workers didn’t seem really fluent in English.

We were much closer and finally did arrive.  The guy at the counter asked me if I wanted the GPS, I said ”no” and he asked me if I wanted the insurance and I replied ”no”.  In hindsight, that was a pretty gutsy move.  I mean, thousandsdiscovering europe italian_highway of km’s away from home and in a foreign country.  The part we regret is not having accepted the GPS.  We missed our hotel rental in the mountains, which was supposed to be spectacular.  The first sensation when driving was great, the view was different.  It was a highway like any other but there was something completely different about it.

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