Discovering many parts of Europe

Part 4 ; many pit stops along the way.

Well if you looked attentively at the last picture in the last post, you will see my main distraction.  I was like a kid in a candy store and when I saw Venice on the map, my brain stopped functioning correctly.  My only thought was, ‘how do we get there’ and ‘when will we be back, we are so close might as well’ !?  The inevitable happened, I steered left and we were on the way to Venice.  We crossed the bridge and found parking on the island.  At first sight, this place is like wonderland for grown ups.

It was about dinner time, so what better thing to do than grab a bite in Venice – how cool !?  dd_site_italian_restaurantWe found a restaurant with a terrace on the water.  We sat and ordered food, spaghetti and meatballs.  Once done, the sun was down and it was getting dark.  We followed our MapQuest directions to the hotel.  We were travelling around Europe with no knowledge of the highways and no official maps.  So when we arrived in Brescia, the directions said to turn left at some point, but we couldn’t find the exact location.  It was dark and there was nowhere to stop to ask for directions.  We kept going along the highway and stopped at the next hotel we saw.  We checked in and got some hours of sleep.

The next day, I got my friend on the phone and told him we were on our way.  Highway A4 is a scenic highway, where we found dd_site_palazzoloPalazzolo sull’Oglio and Bergamo.  We found ourselves in Milan at some point and just drove south on the A7 for whatever reason.  We ended up spending the night in Arrenzano in a hotel we found just in front of the Mediterranean.  Italy’s hotels dd_arrenzano_hotelseemed really modern.  The fan would turn itself off if you opened the windows.  Why did the receptionist have to remind us to close the AC if we opened the window then ?  I thought this was the best invention, hehe !  That night was magical, we had beer and snacks on the Mediterranean boardwalk, loved it !

The next day, we noticed just how close we were to the water.  By no fault of our own, we got caught driving on the SS1, mesmerized by the scenery.  It seems like we got as far as Bordighera, if I recall correctly.  When we spoke with my friend Renaud, he said at this rate we would take days to arrive.  We didn’t have days, so finally, we needed a direct highway to arrive at a decent time.  As a result, that ended up being 1am.

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