Discovering Europe : The way back

The way back and rushing to make our train in Slovenia.

During this trip, Lia and I discovered that we easily get carried away on vacation.  We want to maximize our experience and time.  For example, just before leaving Lyon, I was inquiring about a different route back to Slovenia.  ‘What if we head towards Germany or even Austria’ ?  If we had time, it would have been a wonderful extension of the trip.  Sadly, time was not on our side.  We only had 2 days to catch our train in Ljubljana.

We left Annecy, heading across Italy towards Venice and Mestre.  But we found ourselves at the Swiss border ‘forehead slap’.  We could have used a GPS at this point.  At least we can say that we set foot in Switzerland.  Even if we were in the car, haha.  There are no U-turns at the border.  At this point we should enter Switzerland and take the first exit to turn around.  way back - mont blancLuckily we could execute our manoeuvre and head back to France.

Just before crossing the Italian border we were surprised with magnificent views.  We had no idea what to expect, and found ourselves crossing the Mont-Blanc tunnel.  Once across, the views of the mountains were magical!  The clouds were just there as if we could touch them.  When you let yourself be surprised, something great happens.  We had no clue about the Mont-Blanc mountains and felt like it was a blessing.

As we arrived in Turin, Milan, we debated whether or not we should stop in Venice.  We decided to try since our last visit was quite quick.  Sure enough, we made it across the way back_venice_bridgebridge and made our way to the city center.  Once on the island, we were directed towards a U-turn that sent us back.  Cars were parked everywhere.  Surprisingly, they were even on the small stretch of grass around the lampposts.  We could have done the same, but how would the rental car hold up?  Would we get a ticket?  Eli asked the policeman and he told us to park the car in a city called Mestre.  From there, we should take public transportation to Venice.  Our plan failed.  So we swallowed the pill and continued on, and stopped at a nearby outlet for quick shopping.

way back_slovania_trainEverything happens for a reason, and I think the reason why we couldn’t park in Venice to explore more is truly because we didn’t have sufficient time.  We took a step back to reflect since our plans weren’t working out.  In this case we acknowledged it was the right decision.  Especially since we arrived at the train station in Ljubljana with just little time to spare.

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