Discovering FunKey in Brussels

Do you want to get FunKey in Brussels ?  Try discovering Funkey hotel with us.

We researched Brussels before our trip, places to visit, neighboring cities but most importantly hotels.  The most expensive part of the budget when travelling is your transport and where you stay.

Discovering Funkey - in BrusselsI couldn't say exactly how we found this place.  Let's just say we searched and searched the web.  It was a great find and we think it would do the trick for just about anyone.  The fun part for us Canadians, it can be affordable.  Making it lighter on the budget because we're converting to Euros.

FunKey hotel is relatively close to the city centre, just a quick bus ride away.  Unless location is your thing and absolutely want to be downtown, then forget about this place.

In my books they are ultra-modern.  There is always someone at the front desk. Once checked in you simply use the cellular phone they provide to enter the main door.  And it's the same for your hotel room.  You choose your room size; small, medium or large based on the amount of people and luggage you have.  We took the smallest size.  We had ample space and it had everything we needed.  Our only issue was getting a hold of them by phone because of our time zone difference.  Otherwise, they gladly accommodated us by keeping our luggage on our first day.  We took the red eye and arrived at 7am.  We left our bags and went wandering downtown until mid-afternoon.

There is a feeling of familiarity when you are in this hotel.  What I mean by that is even though you are away from home, you feel like you are.  The decorations were fun and made us feel like we were in a storybook.  The staff is really calm and cool.  They helped us discover new areas, some that we hadn't thought of.

Discovering Funkey - in BrusselsThe cereal containers and plastic cups feel like something you would have in our house.  There is ample food to get your day started.  At the reception you will find free chocolates and beer !  There is also the possibility to rent a computer if you need it.

It was fun to know that everything was taken care of.   Discovering Funkey - in BrusselsWe were on the road to Bruges and Amsterdam but later returning to Brussels.  Sadly, Funkey was fully booked for our return.  So we had to find another hotel.  In hindsight, it got to know another part of the city.  However, the next hotel wasn't as fun and charming..

We highly recommend - FunKey hotel !  Great job.

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  1. FunKey hotel was one of the best hotels I stayed in my life.
    The hotel is not a 5 stars and it’s not all chic which can sometimes make you feel uncomfortable.
    On the contrary, FunKey is a completely new and comfortable experience. The bedroom is well designed and they use cell phones for keys to the main entrance and to your room. There was a cool painting suspended on the ceiling just above the bed. Funkey offers a simple but clean bedroom with everything you need.

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