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All travellers have their own style.

We all have our own style, and that’s especially true when travelling.  Some, travel fully decked out with the 5 star experience but we still see many backpackers.  Discovering Destinations shares a happy medium, we are nor backpackers nor are we the 5 star luxery travellers.  We have a combination of both.  We try to use AirBnb for affordable lodging and eat in classic restaurants.  When it comes to luggage, Lia prefers the traditional suitcases for comfort and Serge prefers the a backpack for stability and control.

“Before we continue, we need to inform you that we are Amazon Associates.  Each link that is generated on this page will redirect you to Amazon.  If you purchase the item that we have referred, we receive a commission.  It’s important to keep in mind that you pay the article the same price, we get paid by Amazon. We are sharing the gear and items that we own and take on our trips, some of which we bought from Amazon.  We find a great deal of value with these items, therefor recommend you to purchase them as well, if you like.
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Serge is all about gadgets.  Most friends and colleagues will know me a the techno guy.  Below is a small list of techno stuff I’ll bring along for a day out of town or an international trip.

List of Serge’s indispensables

  1. Number one, if you have a Go Pro or a Smartphone you need a power bank like the Mophie Juice pack or something equivalent to the mophie juice pack powerstation.  This is how I keep my equipment fully charged for video and picture taking.
  2. I always bring my GoPro along for the adventures with the bells and whistles.  Even though I have the 3 and the 4, I would strongly recommend the Hero 5 since the price is not much more expensive and the technology is more advanced.  ”All my GoPro’s have been purchased on the direct GoPro website.”
  3. There’s not much use to the GoPro if you need to wait for it to recharge, so make sure you have more (original) batteries and get this little multiple charger that way you can continue recording !  I’ve used the CamKix for Hero 3 & 4 batteries, it also has a port for the wireless remote (that I never use)…  I bought this item using Amazon & happy about the quality.
  4. I never go anywhere, locally or internationally, without my Nikon D7000.  Unfortunately, when it’s unsafe to do so, I will leave it at home.  I wish I would have purchased the D7100 at the time, but I’m quite content with my purchase.  The D7100 offers wireless and bluetooth technology that is now available on most newer models. ”Actually a colleague of mine referred me to a store called Best Cost. They have a store full of brand-new-open box items and offer warranties. Feel free to use our Amazon link or go directly to Best Cost’s website.”
  5. I made a large investment just over one year ago.  I decided to switch from PC to MAC and got myself a beast of a machine.  The 15” MacBook Pro (2.5 GHz Intel Core i7, AMD Radeon 9).  The initial cost but a dent in the budget, but I’ve never regretted it.  I am converted to Mac and now fully understand what everyone raves about.  ”When I purchase expensive technology, I need to see and feel the product.  It also helps to speak with a Mac representative.”
  6. Lastly, if you plan to record a lot of video and pictures, best to keep your data safe.  Sometimes it’s hard to get internet access, so best to connect your computer to a trusted external hard drive.  Especially since nowadays HD recordings takes up way more space than before.  I carry around the Seagate backup plus slim 2TB because I don’t need a power outlet.  I needed it quickly so I picked it up in a store, but the price is cheaper on Amazon!


It’s difficult to say what a woman need when travelling. I am not a “Real” backpacker style because I need more comfort.  I have my own style, but I am not a totally girly.  For example, I don’t carry a lot of make up and products for my hair.  I want to keep things simple. That said, here is a list of some products I usually need with me, hope you like the tips.

List of Lia’s indispensables

  1. Where ever I go, I need to go with my iPhone. The iPhone is small and easy to carry and you can easily get internet in a coffee shop, restaurant, bus to check your emails, social network, pay bills around the world.  There are so many ways to find cell phones, for example private sales like Kijiji, the Apple store or pay plan through a cell phone provider.
  2. I never travel without a camera. I like to take pictures with my iphone, however I love the idea to have an actual camera to manage. Current I am travelling with my Sansung camera that I got as a gift.  There are many point and shoot camera‘s to look for.
  3. I try my best with iPhone or IPad only but I cannot travel without my computer. I current go with my MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015).  In my point of view, I think its still heavy.  Maybe I will try to buy a Mac Book air or something similar.  The MacBook Pro provides easy to transfer my pictures from my camera and my phone.  As well, it allows me the flexibility to work on anything I please.  ”Like Serge, I prefer seeing and touching the equipment before buying”.
  4. Since I travel with my computer, I need a good case to avoid getting it damaged. I bought mine at the Apple store.  Again, there are many other options.   There are different designs, that way you can protect your computer and express yourself.
  5. It’s important to have a case to protect the iPhone, and we like Speck because they are rugged and can handle a lot.  But everyone has a different style so here are two examples. We used Amazon to purchase both of these models!




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