Discovering Heldenplatz, Vienna

Discovering Heldenplatz

Where Heldenplatz, Vienna

Discovering Heldenplatz

Heldenplatz is located at the very tip of the Old Historic town of Vienna.  It links the Old town to the MuseumsQuartier (or Museum Quarter).

At some point you will pass in front of Heldenplatz or “Heroes Square” which is located in front of the Holfburg Palace. It’s impossible to pass buy and not notice the huge palace structure with imposing monuments.  During the spring, it’s also nice to notice the beautiful gardens.

History facts

Also, according to Wikipedia, it was a place of many important actions and historical events.  As some of you may know, Adolf Hitler was Austrian.  And this is the very place for his ceremonial announcement of the Austrian Anschluss to Nazi Germany on 15 March 1938.

We simply admired discovering outside Heldenplatz, so we are not sure whether there’s an entrance fee or if you can even visit inside the historic buildings.  However, we did notice pictures of concerts and expositions inside.  Which means you can possibly take a guided tour.

Do we recommend ? Yes, it’s a main square with really beautiful buildings and monuments.  Above all, it’s nice to pass through when visiting the MuseumQuartier and Historical old town.

Serge: 4  Eli:  4

Spending more time in Vienna ?  Consider these other attractions !

* Start with a FreeWalking tour – Good Vienna Tours.
* St Stephen’s Cathedral for the architecture enthusiasts.
* The Belvedere Palace for the gardens and inside if time permits
* Nice any day of the week is the Naschmarkt (street market)
* If you like cool and different, check out – Hundertwasserhaus !

Also, keep an eye on our growing picture library ?
* Discovering Vienna – Flickr


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