Discovering Heroes Square, Budapest

Discovering Heroes Square

Where Heroes Square, Budapest

Discovering Heroes Square.

We weren’t lucky with the weather. It was raining a lot when we visited Heroes Square.   That said, it was hard to take pictures or even to look at the huge statues.  According to Wikipedia, the square is known for its iconic statue complex featuring the “Seven Chieftains of the Magyars”.  As well, other important Hungarian national leaders, like the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.


The Heroes Square is centrally located in “Pest”.  If you are coming from Buda (the other side of the Danube), as we did, you can take a bus from “Chain Bridge” or the metro.  The traffic was unbearable on the bus, so we spent more than 20 minutes to get there. Consider walking if it’s a sunny day.  That way you could soak in the experience and check some nice buildings along the way.  For example, the square is surrounded by two important buildings, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Palace of Art.


One think that caught our attention besides the rain, was a mobile pub.  There was a group of guys having lots of fun peddling and drinking around the square. The rain didn’t seem to bother them.  We would describe it as a kind of pub on wheels or “Beer Bike”.   Imagine a dinner table for 8 people, with everyone peddling, one conductor in the front and everyone drinking beer.  All the guys seemed to be having a good time, laughing and getting a different view of Budapest.   We were almost tempted to join in, hahaha … but we had plans for dinner at Paprika Vendéglő.  It was just minutes walking distance from the Heroes Square.  We were happy to make it, since it was extremely delicious and really traditional.

Serge: 3+  Eli:  3+

Do we recommend: Maybe we would have appreciated a sunnier day. But overall it’s a beautiful square and a kind of must when in Budapest.


1. Get an umbrella or rain jacket, you never know the weather;
2. Comfortable shoes are recommended;

Other things to do when in Budapest:
* Király Baths – for a traditional thermal bath experience
* Matthias Church – Inspiring rooftop and interior colours !

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