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Discovering Hundertwasser Village

For starters Vienna is a really beautiful city to visit !  However, the city centre can feel a little repetitive at times. Therefor Hundertwasser Village was the perfect discovery.  To visit the village, you need to travel just outside the city centre.  We exited the closest metro line and walked the remainder of the way.

Definitely a very interesting place to visit, something like we've never seen before.  The village presented us with a new perspective of architecture incorporated with nature.  As shown in the pictures, it's full of vibrant colours.  As you come up from the street, it appears very small.  Once you start exploring the various passages, then you get the sense of village. The decoration doesn't stop at the residential building, it continues into a small neighborhood where you will find restaurants/coffee places, a small mall with a square and cool souvenirs shops.  Looking around you can't help but feel happy and positive.  Like a large playground for everyone.  Everyone around seemed cheerful and ready to explore with joy and curiosity.

Before leaving, we purchased a small book explaining the location and it's history.  The architecture was completed in 1985 and it’s a single most successful project of its creators, connecting nature, art and a different lifestyle.

Our Ratings
Serge: 5  Eli:  5

Recommend: Yeah, really interested place to visit!

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