Discovering Jewish Museum, Berlin

Discovering Jewish Museum, Berlin

Where Berlin's Jewish museum

Discovering Jewish Museum, Berlin

We don't usually visit museums, so we're very selective on the ones we choose.  We decided to visit the Jewish Museum in Berlin because we heard it was one of the most complete Jewish Museum in Europe.  Also, according Wikipedia it is the largest one too.

The museum is located in a nice area of Berlin with a modern style building. The entrance fee was quite reasonable, we paid around $ 8.00 euros per person.

How long can we stay ?

We spent at least 3 hours ourselves but it's worth noting that you can spend an entire day exploring if you wish.. It was a breath of fresh air, because many expositions in Berlin have to do with World War II and it gets quite heavy after one week.  The main focus of this museum is not just about World War II.  Of course, there's an exposition dedicated to WWII, but it also has the history of Jewish people from around the world.  Additionally there are interesting old books, clothes and highlights on invention from the modern jeans by Jacob Youphes (or Jacob W. Davis) who was born in a Jewish family.

Lastly, you will find permanent exhibitions and some special ones where interaction is welcomed. You'll also find special rooms where showcasing many histories.

Do we recommend ?

Yes, we saw really interesting exhibitions and lots of history to learn.  Moreover, There were lots of people, but it’s in general really organized and there is a coffee place and souvenir store if you want to check it out.

Serge: 4  Eli:  5 / (out of 5)

Spending more around Berlin ?  Come back to see more attractions as we move across the city !

The historical Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

Historical landmarks

The Tiergarten has it all, nature and historical landmarks!
There's the Brandenburg Gate and Jewish Memorial right next to each other.
Checkpoint Charlie is quite small, but there's lots more to see in the area!
Topography of Terror is both an indoor and outdoor museum

Outside the city centre

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

Small day trip to Wolfsburg ?

Check out the AutoMuseum from Volkswagen
The Autostadt and VW Factory tour

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