Where : Jungfrau Mountains, Switzerland

Jungfrau is a must see while visiting Interlaken in Switzerland.  To recap, Harder Kulm is the top of Interlaken but Jungfrau is the top of Europe!

The best way there is by train.  It leaves Interlaken Est or West in direction to Jungfrau and takes around 2h10min.  For those with EuRail passes, you will have to dish out extra money but it's worth it.  The train ride might seem long but it's simply breathtaking. You might wonder which side of the train offers better views, well it's a toss us.  However, if you want to see the Staubbach Falls as you ride through Lauterbrunnen, chose the right side of the train.  The falls are at a 300 metre drop from a hanging valley (you can even stop by if you have time). Lauterbrunnen also have beautiful Swiss style cottages, mountains that looks like a mirage or a perfect painting.  We considered staying in Lauterbrunnen instead of Interlaken but refrained due to accessibility and lack of sightseeing discoveries.

Although the Eurail pass does not include the trip to Jungfrau, you should be eligible for a discount with the pass.  Instead of 200CHF ($263cad) we paid 150CHF ($197cad), which was a little break on the budget.  Swiss franks are not cheap, but the trip is totally worth it.

According to Wikipedia, the Jungfrau peaks at 4,158 metres (13,642ft) at the main summit of the Bernese Alps.  To give you perspective, humans experience altitude sickness starting at approximately 3,000 meters.  Alas, the summit was first reached on August 3, 1811 by the Meyer brothers of Aarau and two chamois hunters from Valais.

Bring your lunch (ideally since it's cheaper) or purchase it there.   The structure is impressive, with explanations on the construction, the history and much more information about conception of this dream in the Swiss Alps at the top of Europe.

Beware of the weather, we visited in the spring and although well dressed for Canada, we were not match for Jungfrau.  It may be warm in Lauterbrunnen, Interlaken or anywhere else you are in Switzerland but Jungfrau is cold until summertime.  On a positive note, the final train will stop inside of this amazing and warm structure.  If you plan to take pictures outside and last more than 5 minutes without frostbite, bring warm clothes !  As we said, the structure is tourist friendly, there are many options of restaurants, cafes, all with amazing views of the Alps.  There's a kind of ice museum, although indoors we felt it was cold.  Alternatively, there are trails/museums that displays the steps of the constructions.  As you might imagine, there's a dedicated section as a tribute for the many people that lost their lives during the construction.

There are many indoors and out to take pictures of the mountains. You will also find some souvenir stores and most important a Lindt Chocolate Shop, delicious!

Grade: Eli = 5 Serge = 5

Recommend: Just Wow.  Like we said, if you are in Lauterbrunnen or Interlaken, do not miss the chance to see Jungfrau !


  1. We were there in April of 2017, the beginning of Spring, and we got -17C temperatures.  So bring warm clothes.
  2. All souvenirs stores, chocolate shop etc accept Credit cards, so no need to get CHF cash with you.
  3. You will find places just to sit inside around the coffee shops.  Many people brought their own lunches, so feel free to bring snacks, fruits and sandwiches for your trip to save some money.  The CHF (Swiss frank for us was more expensive than Euros).
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