Discovering Kapitelplatz & Kapitelschwemme, Salzburg

Discovering Neptune's fountain

Where Kapitelplatz & Kapitelschwemme

Discovering Kapitelplatz & Kapitelschwemme. We quickly visited the beautiful ‘Kapitelplatz & Kapitelschwemme’ square as we left the Salzburg Cathedral.  Actually, it’s also quite close to Residenzplatz and Mozartplatz, so feel free to check these out also.

A few things make this square stand out from the rest.  First of all, there is an amazing view from the “Neptune and sea-steed” fountain.  Secondly, there’s a really picturesque view of the Hohensalzburg Fortress and mountains in the background.  ‘It felt like a view out of a magazine!’  Lastly, you’ll surely notice ‘Sphaera’ which is a 9 meter high ’emotionless man’ on top of a golden sphere.  The statue at the top gave us the impression he was gazing at the mountain and Hohensalzburg Fortress.

Finally, we felt blessed for the opportunity to visit and take pictures for our best memories ever!

Serge: 4  Eli:  4

As a result, we recommend this place.  Why not spend a little time here since it’s beautiful and picturesque.

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