Discovering Łazienki Park, Warsaw

Discovering Lazienki Park, Warsaw

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Where Łazienki Park

Discovering Łazienki Park, Warsaw

We spent half a day visiting Łazienki Park and we enjoyed every minute. Luckily, it was a beautiful spring day, blessed with sun and warm weather.

Getting there

We took the metro to the park which is located on Ujazdów Avenue but you can also walk, depending on your location.

Discovering Lazienki Park
Map from Central station
How was it ?

The park landscape is really beautiful, with lots of flowers and picturesque views.  We started our visit with the Chopin monument. The monument is dedicated to the famous Polish pianist Frédéric Chopin.  They actually host concerts in the park, if you get there at the right time and day.

Then we visited the Palace on the Isle, which is also where you can get a little romantic boat tour. The area is decorated with various sculptures, historic buildings and a classical amphitheater with a stage.  All of which was really nice to visit. We used Wikipedia to get inspired for places to visit and learn about the history behind the 17th and 18th century buildings.

Do we recommend ?

Yes, it’s a really beautiful and charming park, gorgeous historical buildings and a great option to spend a beautiful sunny day in Warsaw.

Serge: 5+  Eli:  5 / (out of 5)

Spending more around Warsaw ?  Come back to see more attractions as we move across the city !
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