Discovering Man at work, Bratislava

Discovering Bratislava

Where Man at work, Bratislava

Discovering Man at work.

Walking in Bratislava old town streets is a fun way to go back in time.  You’ll find some funny histories behind each statue located in and around the main square.

The most famous and really intriguing is called “Cumil – The watcher”.  The sign next to it says “Man at Work”.  There are a few explanations online on the “Welcome to Bratislava” website. The first rumour states that he’s a typical communist era worker who is not bethered about the work he’s supposed to be doing.  Another rumour is that he’s looking under the women’s skirts, hahahah … We all know these types of stories.  But based on his smiling face, we’ll go with the second rumor!

You’ll have time to choose which rumor you prefer as you wait in line to take a picture with him!

Serge: 4  Eli:  4

Recommended: Yes, it’s the funniest and famous statues in Bratislava.

More stuff to check out while visiting Bratislava ?
* Check out Hlavné Namestie, city center
* Michael’s Gate is an interesting way to enter the city centre !
* And make sure to pay attention to the City Walls !
* Bratislava Castle for great city views !

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