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Discovering Mirabell gardens, Salzburg

Where Mirabell gardens, Salzburg

If you have the impression that Salzburg is a small city, you are correct in thinking so.  Consider this, we walked 5 min from the train station to our hotel and another 12 minutes to Mirabell Palace.  Continuing on this path will get you to the Historic town, in approximately 20 minutes.  It's not the smallest city we've visited and we regret not booking at least 2 nights in Salzburg.

If you are used to discovering the cities by foot, you will love Salzburg!  It's quite easy to walk from one monument or landmark to another.  There is an abundance of Hop on Hop off tours if you prefer motorized or organized tours.  Actually, from what we recall, there was a station right in front of the Mirabell Palace.

The palace was built around the 1600’s.  We recollect that it was a very well maintained and attractive site.  Maybe it's because  Mirabell Gardens is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site with its gardens (according to Wikipedia).

If you love music and time permits, check for concerts that usually are directed by Luz Leskowitz at the Marble Hall.

We did a quick visit of the palace and then we spent almost 2 hours walking in the gardens.  It was gorgeous and perfectly maintained.  The colours and arrangements as well as the view of the mountains and the Hohensalzburg in the background.  It has a really interesting 1700’s mythology-themed statues, sculptures and really beautiful landscapes.

The visit to the gardens is free.  Even more reason to take your time snapping beautiful pictures or just imagining yourself in the 'Sound of Music' movie!  Part of the movie was filmed in these very gardens !!

Looking for more things to do in Salzburg ? Check out our Hohensalzburg review here.

Serge: 4+  Eli:  5

Recommend: We totally recommend. The gardens are gorgeous, magical and the palace is really beautiful. For those of you who love music, consider a visit during a concert.


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