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Montreal: Discovering pizzeria Dei Compari

Discovering pizzeria Dei Compari.  This is the REAL pizza !

We Canadians love pizza, but we love americanized pizza - not the real deal.  By that, I mean pizza made the authentic way.  What I thought was good pizza years ago is not the same, for a couple of reasons.  1. I've had a great pizza experience in Italy 2. My wife is Brazilian and they also make a great pizza.  Brazil has much Italian influence so they make a similar type of pizza.  Also, they are quick and consistent !  This said, I've grown to appreciate thin crust pizza cooked in a wood oven.  It gives the pizza a great smokey taste, makes the crust crispy with a little char.  Mmmm I'm hungry.?

When I moved to Montreal to live with my wife, we struggled to find pizza places.  Trust me, there is no shortage of pizza joints in Montreal.  Our problem was, we couldn't agree on the same style.  I liked an americanized, thick crust, regular toppings and she liked the authentic Italian way oven cooked, with thin crust and toppings like eggs-artichoke-basil-arugula.  Since travelling to Europe and Brazil, I've had various styles of pizzas.  Now there is no more debate, my wife and I like the same style.    Discovering pizzeria Dei Compari, Montreal's great pizza !

You can easily think of this place as a tourist trap because of its location.  Pizzeria Compari is located on St-Denis street in the eastern downtown Montreal.  We passed in front of it for years without setting a foot in once.  It's a shame because the debate could have been settled a long time ago.  Discovering pizzeria Dei Compari, Montreal's great pizza !The price quality ratio speaks for itself.  We went for lunch recently and decided to split a pizza and a salad.  The price was very reasonable and it was just as delicious as the first time I went there.  They are consistent in the way they prepare and cook the pizza, in my opinion.

Debate resolved, it's no tourist trap.  Give Pizzeria Dei Compari a shot and send us your feedback. Oh, we thought we should mention, the big downside is you'll have to go and get it yourself.  Because they don't deliver.

Now what are your thoughts about this place!  ?

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