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Discovering Riddarhuset, Stockholm

Riddarhuset was recommended by a Swedish friend.  We made dinner plans as we arrived in Stockholm and asked the typical question 'where to visit' ?  We enjoy touristy attractions and also the obscure and less obvious sights.  Our friend mentioned a couple of interesting places, on that list was the House of Nobility.  He told us to be mindful of the short window when scheduling a visit.  In fact, the House of Nobility is only open between 11-12noon, something to keep in mind when planning a visit.

According to Wikipedia, the House of Nobility is a corporation and a building that maintains records and acts as an interest group on behalf of the Swedish nobility.  Its main purpose is to maintain old traditions and culture.

We paid 6 euros per person to enter.  In general, we found Stockholm fairly expensive, so 6 Euros was a steal.  The building is beautiful, presenting a great history with finely decorated arts and interesting furniture.  The paintings exudes a great history of 17th and 19th century of Swedish nobility.  Sadly, we couldn't find our names on any of the crests.

Our Ratings
Serge: 4  Eli:  4

Recommend: Yes, interesting and unique place to visit!

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