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Discovering Saint Benedict Abbey

Our weekends can get very repetitive.  So we broke the routine by discovering Saint Benedict Abbey

We wake up and feel some sort of comfort out of the same routine - coffee, tv, window shopping.  Then Monday comes along and we wonder where the weekend went, is that not right ?  Sure it's nice to have a resting weekend, but sometimes it's good to break the routine a little bit.  We found discovering Saint Benedict Abbey close enough for a one day road trip and it did not disappoint.  How many locals know about this place...?

We were researching websites for places to visit over the weekend.  The usual and generic places always pop up.  Then we found Saint-Benoît du Lac interesting, so we researched it a little more.  We thought it would be nice to go out and discover a new place.  Parking was a little confusing, FYI don't get too close to the Abbey as it becomes private property.  Once you see the Abbey, you'll find the parking on the right hand side.

Saint Benedict Abbey
The building on the outside doesn't look like much, but as soon as you open those front doors - wow.  The colours really stand out, almost hypnotizing.  The entire visiting place isn't huge, so there's no need to rush.  We walked down the main hall, stopping along the way to read some of the explanations on the wall (see the main pic).  It's really eye opening that this place is open to the public and so close to the city.  
At the end of the hall we kept left and saw the small chapel and where they usually have the mass.  It was really small but enjoyable to visit.

The best part is the store downstairs where they have various products such as cheese, cider, jams...  All the cheeses are good but we most liked the 'Frere Jaques' and 'Le Saint-Augustin'.  They also had a smoked blue cheese that was also very good.  You can buy them individually or get one of the sampling cases.  Some of the cheeses are available at the local market in the city, but there's something rewarding about getting it right from the source.

We enjoyed our trip here during the summer and can only imagine the colours in the fall.  Maybe we'll make another trip down, after all, it's not far from downtown Montreal !

Have a look at their site here.

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