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Discovering Spring, it’s in the air

Great find, while Discovering Spring

A couple of weeks ago, we were walking around the city without winter jackets.  'Spring is finally here !'  Then the unthinkable happened, another snow storm hit the Montreal and Quebec regions.  Montreal received as much as 30cm.  Well, despite the cold weather and snow storms, March 21st marks spring on the calendar.  And this is the perfect time to go out to explore local parks.

Why ?

  • More sunlight (days are getting longer)
  • Nature is getting it's colour back
  • Something to do (cheap or even free)
  • Healthy, need vitamine D after a harsh winter
  • Relaxing and great to recharge the batteries

Accessing the park

The first park we discovered is called 'Parc du Ruisseau-de Montigny'.
You can use Google Discovering springMaps to find it more accurately.  It's located in the north of Montreal, just off highway 25.  If you're coming from Montreal, you can take highway 25 and exit on Perras Street.  Avoid paying a toll, be sure to exit on time otherwise you will cross the bridge to Laval.  If you're coming from the north, there is highway 19 or 125 that have access bridges to the Montreal Island.  Or you can simply use highway 25 and pay the toll, for quicker and direct access.

Need to know

When we did our research and decided to visit Parc du Ruisseau-de Montigny, they failed to talk about parking.  When we arrived, the GPS got us driving around in circles.  For parking, you will need to use neighbouring roads.  Watch out for the signs and park on the street.  We found a quiet spot just in front on Ozias-Leduc.

Charming and relaxing

Parc du Ruisseau-de Montigny appeared to be the nicest out of all the local parks when we Googled 'places to snowshoe in Montreal'Discovering Spring.  One thing in particular stood out when we researched the pictures online.  That was a charming and unique cascade.  Without the water, it would feel like a very plain park.

At first it appears loud with highway 25 off to the side.  But as soon as you plunge into the park, you start hearing the cascades.  As you get closer, you forget about the highway.  And if you stay there long enough, you fully recharge your batteries.  We spent a total of 1h15 minutes and that was enough to enter the  park and visit the cascades.

Discovering Spring

  • The park has a 3+ kilometre trail if you want to venture a little further.
  • Really quiet, rare to come across other people
  • Large trails and great for snowshoeing


Overall this was a great find and we hope you can make time to see it, if and when in the Montreal region.  Otherwise, take our advice and find a local park to discover.  Become a tourist in your own city, because there is no way that you know everything about it!

Here are the rest of the pictures on Flickr.


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