Discovering St-Pierre Church, Mont Saint-Michel

A nice break!

While discovering the Mont Saint-Michel, we took a small break from the touristic area and visited Église Saint-Pierre.  Not that we needed a break, however continuously being

surrounded by herds of tourists can fell exhausting.

The entire island, if you will, is like a labyrinth and maze to be discovered.  It’s truly impressive to see the work of art and discover all areas.  As we wandered off the beaten path we discovered a small yet charming church called Saint-Pierre.  We first discovered the cemetery, which led us to the church.

It doesn’t appear to be a church from outside as the structure blends in with the surrounding homes.  Looking at the building, the only indication suggesting it’s a church was the statue of Joan of Arc.   Once inside, Église Saint-Pierre’s structure is very similar if not identical to the main Abbey.  The main arches display a carefully calculated brick and mortar separation.  In contrast with the Abbey, Église Saint-Pierre is decorated inside.  That is because m

asses are held here.

We recommend you visit this charming church.  We spent one and a half days on the island and feel like there is so much more to discover.

Our Ratings
Serge: 4  Eli:  4

Recommend : Yes, it’s a nice & quiet escape

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