Discovering The Király Baths, Budapest

Where Király Baths, Budapest

Discovering The Király Baths. We asked a work colleague, originally from Budapest, about what to do when in Budapest.  They immediately told us about the famous Hungary Thermal baths, which are also considered medicinal. This got us researching online to try and find the right one for us.  Some are really touristic with huge swimming pools outside and others or more historic.  We decided on Király Bath, because it felt authentic and less touristy.

According to Wikipedia it was the first bath built in Hungary, from back in the 1600’s.  Today, it still retains many of the key elements of a Turkish bath, exemplified by its Turkish dome and octagonal pool.

This thermal bath is located on the Buda side in a quiet neighbourhood.  Though it has a really old structure, it’s quite beautiful with a medieval style.  There are basic and cozy change rooms, depending on your budget.  It's well structured, the staff are nice and we felt comfortable during our visit.

The majority of the pools are inside, with temperatures varying between 26-40C.  We found a small kind of hot tub outside that we couldn't resist.

We enjoyed more privacy in the morning.  10am is when it started to get crowded so we left because at some point there were a lot of people.

In general it was a great experience and we left feeling relaxed.  We thought it was a little too dark inside and small for the amount of people, otherwise we recommend anyone to visit Király Baths!

Serge: 4  Eli:  4

Do we recommend ? Yes, it’s a really historic building and we had a cool experience.


1. If you can get there early morning you will get more privacy;
2. Bring beach sandals;
3. We paid around $ 7.59cad (Morning ticket with Cabin included)
4. Check their website for open hours and there is an information that the baths cannot be visited by children under 14 years old.
5. If you have some free time and a little more budget you can also get some massages.

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