Discovering Unicum factory, Budapest

Discovering Unicum

Where Zwack Unicum Museum (Unicum Factory), Budapest

Discovering Unicum factory.

We purchased a Hop on Hop off pass during our last full day in Budapest.  Ultimately, we stopped at the Zwack Unicum Museum because it was a designated stop.  We actually recommend the Hop on Hop off in Budapest, because some of the main points are dispersed.  So it's a quick way to access and discover the main attractions.

We never heard from Unicum prior to visiting Budapest.  So this got us curious about the famous drink from Hungary.  We decided to give it a shot and we are happy to have discovered.  Just to be clear, the museum is on the route but there is still a fee to enter.  FYI, it was approximately $10 CAD to enter.

The tour.

During your tour, you will get the typical information about the factory, the history and how they got started.  There is a guide that shows you an overview of the receipt and herbs they use.  There is a specific way to store and treat the ingredients and of course a taste test of two types of Unicum liquor. Personally I (Eli) thought really strong but Serge seemed to like it!

Near the end of the tour, they bring you to an old artifacts room.  This is where they keep all the different bottles used over time, Unicum advertising, etc

They also have a gift shop.  So if you want, there's a possibility to bring a Unicum souvenir back home.

Serge: 4+  Eli:  4

Do we recommend: Yes, we really liked the experience.  It's something new and unique from the city of Budapest.


1. Check the hours of operation.  They were very accommodating since we arrived right at the cutoff time
2. Get ready !  Because this drink is strong

Other things to do when in Budapest:
* Király Baths - for a more relaxing experience
* Matthias Church - Inspiring rooftop and interior colours !

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