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Discovering Won More in Vancouver

Discovering Won More was our window of opportunity.

We were in Vancouver for roughly 7 days and mapped out all the places we wanted to visit.    We saw everything we wanted to see but missed one important experience.  Regrettably, we couldn't make it to the Richmond Night Market.  The sad part about this is we planned to go so many times.   We got there but just kept putting it off for whatever reason.  Either we were tired from our daily trek or we got back to our room and didn't feel like driving all the way back to Richmond.  But as the saying goes, when a door closes a window will open.  If it weren't for that window, we wouldn't be discovering Won More.

We postponed the Richmond Night Market just about every night.  Until the very last night we were in Vancouver.  We drove around in the right direction with the GPS, but didn't see anything.  The GPS was taking us in circles.  We got frustrated.  Soon we discovered the problem.  The Market opened Friday to Sunday.  We were floored, disappointed and speechless when we realized this.  We didn't know what to do anymore, wondering what now !?  How could we let this happen !

Discovering Won More - Kits sunsetIt was getting late and we were running out of options.  The sun was setting and I quickly thought about a picture of the sun setting from the beach.  So we rushed to Kits beach and partially redeemed ourselves.  It was a thing of beauty.  The light show came shortly after the sunset.  The sky remained colourful for what felt like 15-20 minutes.

Once it was dark out and our parking meeter running out, we Googled 'Best Chinese food' near us.  We filtered through a couple of places and found Won More Szechuan Cuisine.  It was really close to English Bay and we gave them a call ahead of time to confirm certain details.  Once there, we used the super sophisticated parking system (no joke) EasyPark App.   We understood we could use it all around the city.

Word of advice, download the app before you travel to Vancouver, especially if you're renting a car!

The restaurant cashier helped us order what we would like and clarified our questions.  Discovering Won More - great foodThe price for Wonton soup was showing $12,50, which sounded absurd for a single serving.  Turned out it was the larger size, to share.  So we took a Wonton to share along with our meals. Ok, the picture doesn't look like much, but the taste was something else.  In addition, we also had the best Wonton soup ever.  I'm happy we could rely on the Google reviews.

One interpretation from Google reviews in Vancouver is they appear harsher than other cities we've been.  It's funny because we preferred the service and food quality here over many other places.  The service in Vancouver (all except for one PizzaHut) was top!

A suggestion for you for a night out in Vancouver.  Try watching the sunset (from a closer beach) English Bay and eat a late dinner at Won More Szechuan Cuisine !  Or better yet, order take out and enjoy your meal as you watch the sunset - which ever you prefer.


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