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Eurail : Best way to travel in Europe​

By Serge Larose & Elisandra Buges


We purchased a Eurail Global Pass a few years ago and discovered the joys of smooth travelling. In this blog, you’ll discover the reasons we chose the Eurail pass versus many other methods of transportation in Europe.  

Previously, we had executed a road trip in Europe which at the time thought gave us flexibility. In contrast now with our Global Eurail Pass experience, we have changed our point of view.  Although having a car does offer flexibility, it also comes with extra worries and costs such as traffic, finding and paying for parking to name a few. 

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” The main highlights of travelling by train is the centre town access, the ‘no weight’ baggage check and little to no check in required “

Reasons to travel by Eurail train

Here is the list of notable reasons for choosing the Eurail train pass over any other methods of transportation in Europe.

1. Accessibility

When travelling to a foreign city, we usually try to find accommodations in close proximity to the city centres. Obviously this needs to sync up with our budget.  When travelling by plane, we noticed that we need to plan for a lift or shuttle to our accommodation. Additionally, when travelling by car, we needed to navigate through the congested city centres and hope to find parking upon arrival. 

However, when travelling by train, most European cities have a centre town train station. It’s even possible to plan your accommodation within walking distance from the train station. This is something which worked great for us in Salzburg. We were but a short 5-10 minute walk from the train station to our hotel. 

Easy accessibility gave us tremendous peace of mind as it eliminated all the usual worries we had to deal with in the past. Consider the time investment of being centrally located and walking distance to your centre town accommodation!

2. Smooth and Spacious

The train rides we experienced we very smooth. Many of them had a free wifi connection which allowed us to work on blogs and photo editing while travelling. No airplane mode for the phone and no extra cost for the wifi connection!

Many of trips didn’t require reservations, which meant we could sit anywhere. Having the ability to choose our own seats, we usually picked the two seater with a great window view. We never had so much space while travelling, especially when you compare a crammed car or airplane seat!  You’re also able to get up and stretch your legs anytime.

3. Quick access & little reservations

We were surprised to find out that no pre-checkins were required at the train station. The only requirement was to arrive 20 minutes prior to train departure. This shocked us since we were used to the 3 hour pre-boarding checkins at the airports. It also helped us plan trips on the fly. 

For example, we planned to visit the Volkswagen Wolfsburg factory one Saturday. Once in Wolfsburg, we discovered that it was closed on weekends. Since we had the Global Eurail pass, we quickly planned a visit the following Monday. We simply hopped on the train and made our way back without a sweat.

One thing that worried us prior to buying the Eurail pass was the ‘extra reservation costs’. However, we found a trick on how to avoid taking trains that required reservations which brought more value to our pass. Check out our 2nd Eurail video which explains how to use the ‘Rail Planner’ app. 

4. Inclusions & Value

The main advantage to the Eurail pass is the ability to swing from one European city to another. However, it didn’t stop there. 

In certain cities, our Eurail pass included local transportation also. We particularly enjoyed visiting the Andechs Monastery from centre town Munich, Germany. Particularly when we discovered we could use our Global Eurail pass to access the S-bahn trains. Although the metro, bus and underground were not included, we felt at ease to be able to travel from one local town to another without having to pay extra money.

If and when you get the Eurail pass, be sure to download the ‘Rail Planner’ app!

5. Limitless

At number 5, we have limitless. 

Besides pre-checkins at airports, it’s also required to check your bags. This means we needed to adhere to baggage weight limits. Some airlines allow up to 2 bags of 32 kilograms, however the standard is more likely to be 2 x 23kg. Surprisingly, baggage check and weight limits was not necessary prior to boarding the train. In our case, this allowed us to ‘not hold back’ when we felt like purchasing gifts or souvenirs.  

As you’ll notice at the 1:38min mark of our first Eurail video, Serge clearly demonstrates the baggage flexibility of travelling with Eurail 🤣

Europe with Eurail

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