Discovering St George Basilica, Prague

Discovering St George's Basilica

Where : St George Basilica Discovering St George Basilica, Prague The Prague Castle circuit we selected gave us access to St George Basilica.  First of all, it's a 10th-century basilica.  According to history, it was rebuilt in 1142 because of a major fire.  The structure displays a baroque facade & Bohemian art. Furthermore, it's a small […]

Discovering St. Peter’s Church, Vienna

Discovering St Peter's Church, Vienna

Where : St. Peter's Church - Vienna Discovering St. Peter's Church If you like Sacred Art, or perhaps simply gorgeous art in general - then make sure to add (the small but breathtaking) St Peter’s Church! It's a 17th century church with a beautiful front view from Graben street.  Perhaps the exterior of the building […]

Discovering Karlskirche, Vienna

Discovering Karlskirche

Where : Karlskirche, Vienna Discovering Karlskirche Karlskirche is a really beautiful Baroque style church located on the south side of Karlsplatz.  It's really easy to get there by metro. The construction dates from the 17’s century.  There's a small pond / fountain in the front which creates a mirror effect of the church (see main picture). […]

Discovering Salzburg Cathedral

Where : Salzburg Cathedral We stopped at the Salzburg Cathedral on our way to Hohensalzburg.  This Cathedral was built around the 17th century and has a beautiful Baroque style.  Seems like this is Serge's idea of most beautiful church he's visited in Europe. You will find the Cathedral in the Old Town at the end […]

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