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Discovering St Matthias Church
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Discovering Matthias Church, Budapest

Where : Matthias Church, Budapest Discovering Matthias Church. Europe, with all its history, have some of the most beautiful churches ever.  Independent of religion, we think everyone should take some time to visit them because of all art work combined inside of their wonderful constructions. A little history If you are still not excited to visit all of them, then at least a moment to visit Matthias Church in Budapest, Hungary! This is a gorgeous Gothic style church which was originally named Virgin Mary during 13th century.  It was later named after King Matthias in the 19th century.  According to Wikipedia, the King ordered the transformation of its original southern tower. Additionally, it has some of the most beautiful colors inside

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Discovering Salzburg Cathedral

Where : Salzburg Cathedral We stopped at the Salzburg Cathedral on our way to Hohensalzburg.  This Cathedral was built around the 17th century and has a beautiful Baroque style.  Seems like this is Serge’s idea of most beautiful church he’s visited in Europe. You will find the Cathedral in the Old Town at the end of Getreidegasse or on the way to Hohensalzburg.  This area is quite touristic and a great place to take crafty pictures.  Like most churches in Europe, there is no need to pay to enter.  You can leave a donation if you want to contribute to the upkeep and maintenance. The church is dedicated to Saint Rupert and Saint Virgil, both patron saints of the city

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Discovering Asam Kirche

Discovering Asam Kirche, Munich

Where : Asam Church, Munich Discovering Asam Kirche.  Asam Church was on our list to visit while in Munich.  It lived up to the challenge!  Feel free to Google the whereabouts of the church and visit directly.  Or perhaps take the Old Town scenic route to discover the surroundings. It was one of the most impressive Baroque church we saw in Europe. The Asam Church facade is really beautiful and once you step foot inside it’s breathtaking.  Rich in details inside, it will be difficult to stay just a few minutes.  We were mesmerized inside with the decor, paintings and sculptures. According to Wikipedia, the church was built from 1733 to 1746 by brothers sculptor Egid Quirin Asam, and painter

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