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Discovering Europe – part 3 : Driving West

Part 3 : travelling to Ljubljana, Slovania (pronounced Lubeyana), renting a car driving across Europe If you can imagine all the car rental companies being sold out in Zagreb, well that’s exactly what happened.  We ended up in random places, one in particular looked like someone’s backyard renting out cars.  I was open for the adventure, but we kept searching.  We found out our only option was to take a train to the closest major city and rent a car from there.  This place is called Ljubljana in Slovania and it was quite a nice view.  We had glimpses of mountains and lakes but it was only 2 hours long. I (Serge) recall seeing the map online and the car

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Part 2 – flying to Zagreb

Part 2 : our trip to Zagreb We left London, had a short layover in Coln, Germany – which wasn’t quite long enough to leave the airport.  I practiced my German by asking for a sandwich, half English half German.  But the woman behind the counter, obviously spoke English and seemed amused that I was at least trying.  It’s probably not everyone that gives it a shot.  This was my first time attempting to speak with someone else. We boarded the plane to our next destination.  One thing I vividly recall is everyone clapping their hands once we landed in Zagreb.  It felt like a celebration that we were on vacation as opposed to having landed properly.  We met Lia’s friend

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Discovering London & Underground – Europe Part 1 :

Part 1 : Discovering London for a couple of days. We stayed in a hostel seconds away from Hyde park.  Upon our arrival from our redeye flight, we could only leave our bags in the hostel but we couldn’t check in yet as it was 7am.  So we went on foot, discovering the Hyde park.  With a map of London but no sense of orientation, we headed southwest crossing Albert Memorial and onto Kensington Gore.  We walked west all the way down following the Hyde park until we felt completly exhausted, which is when we found a park bench and counted the minutes until our check in.  We rested all afternoon, from 2pm until roughly 6pm at which point we headed out

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Montreal Dorval (YUL) to Downtown – Planning your way to Montreal

Check out this blog if you need help planning your arrival from Montreal Dorval (YUL) airport. Surely we know that it’s usually a little difficult and disorienting when arriving in a foreign city.  Hopefully this post can help ease your way downtown or your hostel/hotel. Here are a couple of options when you arrive at the Montreal airport.  Whether you are heading downtown or on the outskirts. Planning your arrival to Montreal 1. By Taxi  When planning your arrival to Montreal, you can easily think to take a taxi from the airport to downtown with a fix rate of $ 45.00cad (Current value 2020).  The fixed value is located in the windows of the car.  If you have doubts, talk with a driver

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Discovering Amsterdam – Best hotel

Discovering Amsterdam is a must. Whatever stereotypes you may have about this place, erase them !  It’s like visiting any other place.  You see pictures or perhaps a movie and think you have it all figured out.  For example ‘In Bruges’ with Colin Farrell.  The point is, you need to see it for yourself.  Any film you just saw is completely subjective.  Sure enough, after discovering Amsterdam, our outlook has completely changed ! One fact that remains about Amsterdam is the $$$ hotels.  It is hard to understand where to stay in advance because the battle is location vs budget.  Then, when you think you’ve found the place – was it exactly what you were hoping for ? Once we booked our plane ticket Amsterdam, the

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