Discovering Heldenplatz, Vienna

Discovering Heldenplatz

Where : Heldenplatz, Vienna Discovering Heldenplatz Heldenplatz is located at the very tip of the Old Historic town of Vienna.  It links the Old town to the MuseumsQuartier (or Museum Quarter). At some point you will pass in front of Heldenplatz or “Heroes Square” which is located in front of the Holfburg Palace. It’s impossible to […]

Discovering Hundertwasserhaus, Vienna

Discovering Hundertwasser

Where : Hundertwasserhaus, Vienna Discovering Hundertwasserhaus Eli from Discovering loves Mosaic.  Just imagine her reaction when she saw almost an entire building decorated with Mosaic pieces, plus a small village and a Shopping mall !! We heard about Hundertwasserhaus and instantaneously wanted to visit !  It's an apartment house that was built after the idea and […]

Discovering Naschmarkt (Big street market), Vienna

Where : Naschmarkt, Vienna Discovering Naschmarkt (Big street market) During our FreeWalking tour, our guide told us to visit the Naschmarkt.  We had ample time to visit it, and it did not disappoint. Its basically a huge street market located in a cool neighbourhood.  We most appreciated the amazing architecture surrounding the market.  Each building looked […]

Discovering Belvedere Palace, Vienna

Discovering Belvedere Palace,

Where : Belvedere Palace, Vienna Discovering Belvedere Palace First of all, We didn’t visit inside the Belvedere Palace.  One day we arrived really early, so early that apparently they weren't open yet.  There were many other places we would like to visit that day so we decided to explore the grounds and gardens only. The palace […]

Discovering Rathaus, Vienna

Discovering Rathaus

Where : Rathaus (City Hall), Vienna Discovering Rathaus (aka City Hall) The City Hall of Vienna is a construction from the 18th century.  This is a must see, especially if you like architecture and old building styles. The Rathaus has a beautiful façade with Gothic style which looks more like a Palace.  It's a little outside […]

Discovering St Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna

Discovering St Stephen's Cathedral

Where : St Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna Discovering St Stephen’s Cathedral Once we finished with the FreeWalking Tour, we started exploring on our own.  So, as we made our way back to the meeting point, we stumbled upon St Stephen's Cathedral ! St Stephen’s Cathedral is located in the heart of Vienna's Historical Old Town.  The Gothic […]

Discovering FreeWalking Tour, Vienna

Discovering FreeWalking Tour Vienna

Where : Discovering FreeWalking Tour, Vienna Discovering FreeWalking Tour We had really good experience with Free walking tours in Chile and Brazil.  So, we decided to get a Free Walking tour for our first day in Vienna.  From our experience, Free walking tours help with city orientation and uncovers places to visit. Great guide ! Yet […]

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