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Discovering les Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris

The “Jardin du Luxembourg” is a beautiful place to visit in Paris. According to Wikipedia the gardens were created in 1612 by Marie de’ Medici the widow of King Henry IV of France. We entered the garden at the most southern point, at the "Fontaine de l'Observatoire".  What was cool about this perspective, is that we were passing through from one end to the other.  At the very extremity was the Palace, where you may recall seeing miniature sail boats in the Medici Fountain.  A really fun activity for the kids ! Furthermore, walking through the garden from south to north, brought a pleasant feeling and sense of labyrinth as we walked down the green rows.  We noticed lots of

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Discovering L’île de la Cité, Paris

Ile de la Cité is easily accessible through Notre Dame cathedral or Pont des Arts where you will find the Square du vert-calant and the famous “love-lock”.  You know that famous place where locals and tourists attach a “lock” to make a wish or demonstrate their love forever … or something like that! We first noticed l'île de la Cité on the Bateaux-Mouches tour.  Passing in front, the island gave us this peaceful impression and we instantly wanted to visit.  We saw people sitting on the edge of the concrete basking in the sun and imagined ourselves there.  After a long day of sightseeing around Paris, our opportunity struck and we accepted.  We consider ourselves fortunate for the experience since

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Discovering Campos do Jordão - pico de Itapeva

Things to do in Campos do Jordão

Another refuge from São Paulo If you live in São Paulo or simply passing through, look no further than Campos do Jordão for a quick getaway.  There is plenty to do in this city, be aware it's not a beach destination.  However, it's worth a visit ! Campos do Jordão is roughly 170km from São Paulo, which represents approximately 3 hours by car or bus. Campos do Jordão is a famous winter destination for São Paulo residents.  It is one of the fifteen municipalities of São Paulo and considered a climatic stay by the government of São Paulo.  The city offers a pure climate and mountainous region reaching at top altitude of 1,600 meters.  It's a very pleasant tourist spots,

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Discovering Paranapiacaba - city view

Day trip to Paranapiacaba

A lovely city with a nice history This little charm of a city is but 1 hour away from São Bernardo do Campo or 2 hours away from São Paulo city centre. Panapiacaba is a great option to spend some time outside the busy city.  There are many things to do there, such as, having a good lunch or coffee, visit the Museum Train Station or the Church.  There is also an option to enjoy the nature with waterfalls, hiking, campgrounds and take one of the many ecco tourism provided by local tourist agency. Paranapiacaba history Paranapiacaba inaugurated in the mid 1860 thanks to the São Paulo Railway.  In 1874, the station opened under Alto da Serra, and was later called Paranapiacaba.  It first served as a passenger

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Discovering : Best Adventures

Discovering how to get started

'Discovering how to get started' is for all the curious cats out there. Our goal is to reach out to those who want to travel and invite them to JUMP. If until now, you've just dreamed about travel, we would like to help you.  If you are the least bit curious about discovering new destinations, new cities and cultures then this is for you.  First things first, get your passport (if you don't already), pick a destination and start researching.  Lookout for tips along the way. 1. GET your passport !  It can feel like a catch 22 at times.  ''Should I get my passport or just wait until I find a destination to visit ?''  We can tell you from experience, you'll keep going around in circles

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Saint Benoit du Lac inside abbey

Saint Benoit du Lac Abbey

Break the routine Our weekends can get very repetitive.  On a given weekend, we decided to break the routine and took a road trip to discover the Saint Benoit du Lac Abbey. We researched places to visit in the vicinity of Montreal.  The usual places always pop up then we found the magic word - cheese.  Saint-Benoît du Lac looked interesting, so we researched it a little more.  We thought it would be nice to go out and discover a new place.   Montreal to Magog fast or slow Saint Benoit is roughly 1h30 drive from downtown Montreal using the main highway. However if you are looking for a more scenic route, you can achieve this with your GPS selection. For instance,

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Discovering Zagreb – Europe Part 7

Ok let’s be honest … How many people do you know have been to Croatia while visiting Europe? LIA : I will tell you the truth, I never thought to visit Croatia if it wasn’t for my friend Luciane.  She is my Brazilian friend, who acted like a bridge for us to visit Zagreb. During the summer of 2009 we got our luggage ready for Europe and Zagreb was officially on the itinerary.  We would visit for 4 days ! What a surprise! Zagreb is a really cozy city with lots of history.  It’s a cute Old city that is now clean and renovated since their last war. When we went, we noticed some graffiti in some areas that hadn’t been cleaned

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