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Discovering Europe : The way back

The way back and rushing to make our train in Slovenia. During this trip, Lia and I discovered that we easily get carried away on vacation.  We want to maximize our experience and time.  For example, just before leaving Lyon, I was inquiring about a different route back to Slovenia.  ‘What if we head towards Germany or even Austria’ ?  If we had time, it would have been a wonderful extension of the trip.  Sadly, time was not on our side.  We only had 2 days to catch our train in Ljubljana. We left Annecy, heading across Italy towards Venice and Mestre.  But we found ourselves at the Swiss border ‘forehead slap’.  We could have used a GPS at this point.  At least we

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Montreal Dorval (YUL) to Downtown – Planning your way to Montreal

Check out this blog if you need help planning your arrival from Montreal Dorval (YUL) airport. Surely we know that it’s usually a little difficult and disorienting when arriving in a foreign city.  Hopefully this post can help ease your way downtown or your hostel/hotel. Here are a couple of options when you arrive at the Montreal airport.  Whether you are heading downtown or on the outskirts. Planning your arrival to Montreal 1. By Taxi  When planning your arrival to Montreal, you can easily think to take a taxi from the airport to downtown with a fix rate of $ 45.00cad (Current value 2020).  The fixed value is located in the windows of the car.  If you have doubts, talk with a driver

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Discovering FunKey in Brussels

Do you want to get FunKey in Brussels ?  Try discovering Funkey hotel with us. We researched Brussels before our trip, places to visit, neighboring cities but most importantly hotels.  The most expensive part of the budget when travelling is your transport and where you stay. I couldn’t say exactly how we found this place.  Let’s just say we searched and searched the web.  It was a great find and we think it would do the trick for just about anyone.  The fun part for us Canadians, it can be affordable.  Making it lighter on the budget because we’re converting to Euros. FunKey hotel is relatively close to the city centre, just a quick bus ride away.  Unless location is your thing

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