Discovering City walls, Bratislava

Discovering Bratislava architecture

Where : City Walls of Bratislava Discovering City walls, Bratislava. From the Old Town to Bratislava Castle, next to the Cathedral you'll see a huge wall.  According to online information, it was part of a fortification construction that started at the end of 14th century.  The most part of it was demolished, so it was decided […]

Discovering Unicum factory, Budapest

Discovering Unicum

Where : Zwack Unicum Museum (Unicum Factory), Budapest Discovering Unicum factory. We purchased a Hop on Hop off pass during our last full day in Budapest.  Ultimately, we stopped at the Zwack Unicum Museum because it was a designated stop.  We actually recommend the Hop on Hop off in Budapest, because some of the main points […]

Discovering Vajdahunyad Castle, Budapest

Discovering Vajdahunyad Castle

Where : Vajdahunyad Castle, Budapest Discovering Vajdahunyad Castle. When in Budapest, consider a visit to Heroes Square.  Once you are there, you might want to discover a little more.  Not far behind is a really beautiful destination, bringing you back in the past with Vajdahunyad Castle !  It was a cool experience and really nice place […]

Discovering The Great Market Hall, Budapest

Discovering The Great Market Hall

Where : The Great Market Hall, Budapest Discovering The Great Market Hall.  It's a huge central market located on the 'Pest' side.  As you may or may not know, the city was amalgamated years ago from Buda and Pest.  It now forms one mega city, the one we all know as Budapest.  Originally, Buda was located […]

Discovering Heroes Square, Budapest

Discovering Heroes Square

Where : Heroes Square, Budapest Discovering Heroes Square. We weren't lucky with the weather. It was raining a lot when we visited Heroes Square.   That said, it was hard to take pictures or even to look at the huge statues.  According to Wikipedia, the square is known for its iconic statue complex featuring the “Seven […]

Discovering The Chain Bridge, Budapest

Discovering The Chain Bridge

Where : The Chain Bridge, Budapest Discovering The Chain Bridge.  When we finished visiting the Buda Castle grounds, we made it a point to cross the Chain Bridge. It's a suspension bridge that links Buda and Pest. According to Wikipedia, the Chain Bridge is the first permanent bridge across the Danube in Hungary and it was […]

Discovering Fisherman’s Bastion, Budapest

Discovering Fisherman's Bastion

Where : Fisherman's Bastion, Budapest Discovering Fisherman's Bastion. When you visit Budapest's Matthias Church and the Castle hill you will see a beautiful terrace closest to the waterfront.  Seems like a boardwalk decorated with seven Castle towers.   Well, that's the “Fisherman’s Bastion” !  Above all, it offers gorgeous views from Danube River and Pest. What next […]

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