Discovering St Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna

Discovering St Stephen's Cathedral

Where : St Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna Discovering St Stephen’s Cathedral Once we finished with the FreeWalking Tour, we started exploring on our own.  So, as we made our way back to the meeting point, we stumbled upon St Stephen's Cathedral ! St Stephen’s Cathedral is located in the heart of Vienna's Historical Old Town.  The Gothic […]

Discovering FreeWalking Tour, Vienna

Discovering FreeWalking Tour Vienna

Where : Discovering FreeWalking Tour, Vienna Discovering FreeWalking Tour We had really good experience with Free walking tours in Chile and Brazil.  So, we decided to get a Free Walking tour for our first day in Vienna.  From our experience, Free walking tours help with city orientation and uncovers places to visit. Great guide ! Yet […]

Discovering The Primate’s Palace, Bratislava

Discovering Primates Palace

Where : The Primate's Palace, Bratislava Discovering The Primate's Palace. As we walked in the old town of Bratislava, we passed through the “Primate’s Palace”.  It's beauty caught our attention, so we took lots of pictures.  We didn’t go inside because our time in Bratislava was limited.  Feel free to check the hours of operation and […]

Discovering St Martin’s Cathedral, Bratislava

Discovering St Martin's Cathedral

Where : St Martin's Cathedral, Bratislava Discovering St Martin’s Cathedral. The St Martin’s Cathedral is located in the historic old town of Bratislava. It's actually on way to the Bratislava castle, you'll easily find the Gothic style tower.  Actually we tried to visit on our first day after the castle, but they were closed.  So we […]

Discovering Man at work, Bratislava

Discovering Bratislava

Where : Man at work, Bratislava Discovering Man at work. Walking in Bratislava old town streets is a fun way to go back in time.  You'll find some funny histories behind each statue located in and around the main square. The most famous and really intriguing is called “Cumil – The watcher”.  The sign next to […]

Discovering Bratislava Castle, Bratislava

Discovering Bratislava Castle

Where : Bratislava Castle Discovering Bratislava Castle, Bratislava Bratislava Castle is a short walking distance from the Old Town Square.  You'll easily spot the rectangular building located on top of the rocky hill beside the Danube river. On a beautiful day, it would be a great idea to walk, take some pictures and enjoy the […]

Discovering Main Square (Hlavné námestie), Bratislava

Discovering Hlavné Namestie

Where : Main Square (Hlavné námestie) - Bratislava Discovering Hlavné námestie, Bratislava Bratislava is a small but really charming city.  The Hlavné Namestie, which translates to main square, will demonstrate just that.  There's a nice open space with beautiful architecture and colorful buildings.  You'll also find many restaurants, church, souvenirs stores and funny statues like Napoleon’s […]

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