Booking for Trips

Booking for trips

We Use Booking for Trips

This very picture was taken from the balcony of a hotel we stayed in Santiago, Chile - which was selected using We firmly believe in the website and since we use, there is no hesitation around promoting them.

We used to compare Booking with competitors like AirBnB, Expedia to see which was best. After many simulations, we prefer Booking because of the value it presented. For example, Booking upgraded us to a Genius status offering more discounts on rentals PLUS occasional cash back on select properties !

Below you'll find the steps we follow when looking to book a trip. Plus, we've even added a few search boxes so that you can start simulating directly from our site. We're curious, where will you go next !?

1. Get inspired for a new destination

There are various ways to get inspired to travel.  For instance, we once received a postcard from Belgium in our mailbox. On the front was a picture of the flower carpet in Brussels. On the back was a different address. Puzzled, we wondered how this postcard made its way to our mailbox. Yet, without putting too much thought into it, we took that as a sign and made Belgium our next destination !  And, yes we did forward the postcard to the correct address afterwards 😉

Additionally, feel free to browse our various Destinations in order to help find some inspiration.

2. Use to simulate trips

The main image above was taken from our hotel in Santiago, Chile. This trip, among many others, was booked using We use it because we find it simple to use and enjoy the great finds in various cities we've visited.

3. Select top faves

We suggest that you start scanning your options in the city where you plan to visit.  You might do this using a certain budget or distance radius to certain attractions.  Once you've seen a few accommodations, we recommend that you select a few favorites. For example, you might like one with an indoor pool or a nice panoramic view such as the picture above.

What are your goals ?

Then crosscheck these locations with the goals you've set for your trip. For example, we planned to spend much time in downtown Santiago yet we selected Nueva Providencia for our hotel location.  We were a 20 minute walk from downtown, however there was a metro stop a few hundred feet from the hotel.  Which we considered reasonable because we had options. Ultimately, we enjoyed a nice walk downtown in the morning yet the convenience of taking the metro home in the afternoon.

For these reasons we suggest that you select top spots, then review the location on Google Maps based on the activities you plan on doing.

4. Evaluate Price vs Value

Sometimes we put a lot of emphasis on price. Which means we can easily get blinded and think the lowest price is the best deal.  Instead to think of the price, think of the value.  For example the hotel might be a little more than you expected, however the hotel might offer free breakfast, free parking or earlier check ins. Better yet, in Santiago we chose to stay in Nueva Providencia which was outside the city centre (cheaper than) yet had a metro stop nearby (value) and offered us a great panoramic view of the city (even more value).

Little extras make the difference

These little extras can easily make the difference from one hotel to the other.  Having travelled to a few cities and stayed in many hotels, we can now spot the differences.  We don't mind paying a little extra when we see value in return.  Example, how complicated is it when you arrive in the city at 9am while your check in time is scheduled for 2pm !?

5. Secure the booking

Once you've evaluated all your options and decided on a particular hotel, make sure to book it. Remember, when you repeatedly use for your trips, they will upgrade your status to Genius.  Which will eventually bring bigger discounts and cash back on select bookings.

Try out our simulator below 😉