Three weeks after meeting each other, we embarked on a Travel Journey. Eli had preplanned a trip to meet up with a friend in Europe and invited Serge to come along. After some deliberation, Serge decided to fast track his passport application and join Eli on this trip. Little did we know that this marked the beginning of a travel journey that continues to this day. 

In 2016, Eli and Serge decided to start investing their time in documenting their trips and came up with the name 'Discovering Destinations'. It's the perfect description because we truly love Discovering new Destinations. It's our motto and our lifestyle. Even when we're at home, we make it a point to discover new destinations locally either in the city or in the suburbs.

Stick with us as we continue to bring new content and share some of the amazing places we've discovered in the 29 countries and counting !

How it all began

About Lia and Serge is the story of a Canadian who met a Brazilian back in 2009. Three weeks after their acquaintance, Lia asked Serge if he wanted to travel with her to Croatia.  She had planned to visit a friend and spend a week in Zagreb. 

Serge waited until the last possible moment to give an answer.  Since he had never travelled internationally, he needed to fast track his passport application.  Then the travel itinerary went from London – Zagreb – Ljubjana – Venice – Bergamo – Arrenzano – Lyon – Annecy – Zagreb – London. And that is how it all started. Having heard from other couples, planning such a trip in the early stages of a relationship bring a sense of Make or Break. However, Lia and Serge are still trotting around the world, adding new destinations.  

In fact, they highly enjoy discovering new destinations that they created this very blog – Discovering Destinations ! Follow their blog : Discovering Destinations Check out their travel pics : Instagram View their videos on : YouTube

Meet Eli

I’m Elisandra, a Brazilian who had the opportunity to live abroad while working as SAP Consultant in 2007. After few years living and working in Montreal, Quebec, I later received my Canadian Citizenship. 

I love changes, and that’s also the reason I love to travel, learn new culture, taste new flavours and learn about different decor style.

Currently I am working as a Digital Marketer, thanks to that, Discovering Destinations is getting a new Design Layout.

Together, Serge and myself are putting together our strengths, Serge’s Photograph art and my passion for Web Design. We look forward to building a New Future for Discovering Destinations in order to share the passion that both have for traveling experiences! 

and Serge

I’m passionate about learning and growing. Eli & I love travelling and discovering new destinations because it makes us feel alive. For me discovering new destinations is a form of therapy which breaks the routine from our 9-5. I would like to further develop this idea and share it with others so they may feel lighter and happier. We at Discovering Destinations can share our finds and share an inventory of places to visit. 

It’s not about the money, you/we don’t need to travel 5,000 KMs away to discover a new place – we can do it in our own respective cities. I enjoy discovering places that even the locals haven’t been. 

I have invested 3 years volunteering for Rogers TV, which allowed me to better understand television production, camera work and audio. I am a self taught video editor, photographer and reader.

Our travel philosophy

Continue to be curious and discover new destinations, local to international. 
Connect with locals as they teach you the way of life in their respective cities.
Learn from our experiences and share them with our audience. 

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When we met each other, we didn't know where we wanted to go together but we accepted our journey, and we've been like that for almost 15 years, enjoying every moment as if it were the last, and traveling as much as we can, one city at a time!

Giving back

By 2015, we saw at which rate we were discovering new destinations and decided to step it up a notch. We knew travelling and discovering new places was part of our lifestyle and DNA. Perhaps ahead of our time by a little, we decided to embark on a new project. That’s when Discovering Destinations was born. It started off as an idea, then we carefully sketched out the logo and then documenting our new discoveries fit right into place. 

Sharing our experiences on Google Maps is our way of giving back to our followers and the businesses who work so hard for their clients. We have many new destinations to share yet, so feel free to join us on Google Maps. Who knows, we may very well be recommending your next activity or restaurant!


Welcome to Discovering Destinations! Meet Eli and Serge, the dynamic duo behind this travel-centric blog. As avid explorers, we’re fueled by a passion for discovering new places and are thrilled to share our insights with fellow travel enthusiasts. Join us on a journey where we provide invaluable tips for achieving the perfect travel experience while staying within your budget. Let’s embark on this adventure together and uncover the world’s hidden gems!