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Why do we use Hotels.com for accommodations ?

We use hotels.com for a variety of reasons. We firmly believe in the website and since we use them for our own bookings, we have no hesitation to promote them.

We used to compare with competitors like AirBnB, Expedia to see which was best. After many simulations, we prefer Hotels.com for trips because of the value it presented. It’s possible to search and compare directly on their site and what’s more if you find better pricing elsewhere, they’ll match it for you!  Additionally, Hotels.com also has a loyalty program which offers free nights once you accumulate 10 paid nights.

Hotels.com also offers a great selection of budget-friendly options up to lavish accommodations.

Read on below to see our top 5 reasons for using Hotels.com.

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1. Your room, the way you like it

The top reason we book our accommodation with Hotels.com is because we get to pick the room that suits us best. 

In other words, Hotels.com give us the ability to choose the ideal room to match our preferences.

A few times in the past we decided to treat ourselves to a nicer room, only to feel cheated when we arrived at the hotel. This has not happened with Hotels.com. The difference is on the hotel room booking page. The rooms are clearly identified with pictures and descriptions. This way it’s easier to compare the rooms and identify the value you attribute to larger spaces, bed size, room layout, etc. 

Since we’ve been selecting our accommodation with Hotels.com, we’ve increased our satisfaction and minimized bad surprises. 

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2. Regular, Silver and Gold status perks.

As soon as you join Hotels.com you get access to member savings and you get to accumulate Reward nights. Once you reach 10 stamps, your reward night will be the average value of the 10 stamps you collect. 

Once you accumulate 10 stamps, you’ll reach the Silver status offering a new slew of perks. Some of the advantages include travel benefits like free breakfast, Wi-Fi, spa vouchers, and more at VIP Access properties. Plus it’s possible to get price matches that way you continue to accumulate Reward nights. 

We’ve been at the Gold Rewards status for a few years and really enjoy the ability to check in earlier or check out later when needed and the occasional upgrades. 

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3. Free nights or credits towards your stay

As you accumulate your Reward nights, Hotels.com compiles the average value of your last 10 nights. Then you get to choose when to use your credits. If the credit is inferior to the hotel room, you will simply pay for the difference. Consequently, if your credit is higher than the booking, you will lose the unused portion. That said, it’s best to maximize the credits to ensure you use the most of your rewards

These credits have allowed us to stay in more luxurious hotel rooms by simply paying for the difference. 

4. Bonus, look out for last minute deals !

Hotels.com has established itself as an indispensable tool for globetrotters seeking the best accommodations worldwide. From its extensive hotel listings to its user-friendly interface and rewarding loyalty program, the platform caters to the diverse needs of travellers. 

Sometimes we need a getaway and haven’t had the time to pick a destination. In this case, it’s possible to use Hotels.com’s Last Minute Deals for our travel inspiration. You will be able to populate a desired destination or choose from Hotels.com’s list of hotels offering up to 40% off

So, whether you’re planning a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a solo adventure, Hotels.com stands ready to unlock the doors to the world’s best hotels, turning your travel dreams into reality.

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5. Ideas for travel destinations, look for inspiration everywhere !

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At Hotels.com, we believe that inspiration can be found everywhere. Whether you’re searching for hidden gems off the beaten path or iconic landmarks to check off your bucket list, Hotels.com has you covered. So why wait? Start planning your next adventure today and let Hotels.com be your guide to unforgettable experiences around the globe.

With over a decade of travelling internationally, Lia and I have either used our dreams to find new travel destinations or remained alert to divine inspiration which could enhance pre-planed trips. 

For instance, it was late summer of 2019 and we were in the final planning stages of our trip to Portugal. While at work, Serge was returning to his desk with the computer locked on screen saver mode. The image on the computer intrigued him, so he hovered over the image location. The name of the city was Marvão and it so happened it was located in Portugal. 

We researched the location on Google Maps and evaluated the possibility of stopping by to see the fortified village of Marvão. We planned to visit Lisbon, make our way up to Porto and then the Algarve. We reckoned that it was possible to make the stop between Porto and the Algarve.

The image you see above is one that was taken by Serge’s camera which almost resembles the screen saver image from the computer. 

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