Old Port Montreal in one Day

Old Port Montreal in one day - Place Jacques Cartier

Old Port Montreal ''Old Port Montreal - What to do in Montreal (1 day)''​ 83% Tourist activities... + Spots Montreal's Big Wheel, Zipline, Cool spots, where to eat & more 4-5days Recommended stay in Montreal This Blog is divided into 4 main sections, we'll make recommendations within these section. We've also made a Google My […]

Canada Vacations with Hotels.com

Perfect trips with Hotels.com

Did you know that almost all Accommodation sites have built in commission structures? Yes, that also means trips with Hotels.com That's right, this means that no matter where you book, someone - somewhere is getting a commission kickback. The great news about this, is that YOU, the end consumer is not paying more for their […]

Whale watching Zodiac boat ride in Les Escoumins

Whale watching Zodiac

Whale Watching in Les Escoumins Spend two hours on the Saint Lawrencein a Zodiac searching for whales! By Serge Larose & Elisandra Buges Intro Our Whale watching Zodiac tour in Les Escoumins. When in Discovering Destinations mode, we gravitate toward beautiful views and settings. Although Canada doesn't have the long history, forts and ruins, we […]

La Baie Saguenay et le sentier Eucher

Le Sentier Eucher

Le Sentier Eucher One of the most rewarding hikes we've completed is Le Sentier Eucher in 'La Baie, Saguenay'. By Serge Larose & Elisandra Buges Intro Le sentier Eucher is a must see when visiting the Saguenay region ! A few years ago, we planned to discover the Saguenay / Lac St-Jean area. We started pinning […]

A day at the Val Jalbert historical village

Val Jalbert historical village

The Val Jalbert historical village Spend the day at the Val Jalbert historical village, it's also possible to spend the night as a guest or at the campground. By Serge Larose & Elisandra Buges Intro In Discovering Destinations mode, we like to dive into the local culture and food. The Val Jalbert historical village was […]

Day Trip at the Charbonneau Sugar Shack

Sugar Shack

Sugar Shack fever in Canada Springtime sparks a fever in Canada.  The fever we're talking about is nothing to worry about.  1. It means the weather is warming up which makes most people happy and 2. it also means the production of maple syrup is kicking off and 3. that it's time to visit a […]

Saint Benoit du Lac Abbey

Saint Benoit du Lac inside abbey

Break the routine Our weekends can get very repetitive.  On a given weekend, we decided to break the routine and took a road trip to discover the Saint Benoit du Lac Abbey. We researched places to visit in the vicinity of Montreal.  The usual places always pop up then we found the magic word - cheese.  Saint-Benoît […]

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