Santiago Chile and Day trips

Santiago balcony view

Santiago Chile, the surprising architecture, views and culture! ''Why visit Santiago Chile and what's there to see & do''​ Wine Pro tip, stock up on delicious cheap wine from the local grocery stores! + Tours Free walking tour, Cajon del Maipo, Valparaiso and much more! 4-5 days Recommended stay in Santiago This Chile Blog is […]

Day trip from Santiago to Valparaiso

We highly recommend that you visit Valparaiso ! You can visit directly or (like us) plan a day trip from Santiago. It's a 1.5 hour drive which can be done a few different ways. Feel free to check out our Free Walking tour experience from Santiago, Chile. Ways to get to Valparaiso from Santiago Purchase […]

Plaza de Armas, Santiago

Plaza de Armas

Plaza de Armas is a great way to start your Santiago Chile tour! It's located downtown.  Chances are, you will find lots of tourism agencies and guides trying to sell you some tours.  Plaza de Armas was also our starting point for the Santiago Free Walking tour, check out our vlog here.  We recommend visiting […]

Discovering Los Dominicos – Santiago, Chile

We think this is a MUST visit in Santiago ! Santiago, Chile - Los Dominicos The Pueblito Los Dominicos is a must visit in Santiago, Chile.  It's a really nice public park and outdoor shopping mall where you can buy original Chilean handcrafts. They have really beautiful hand made pieces from all types of raw […]

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